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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 1.
Chapter 5. Properties of liquids and gases


Now we talked about the fact that any fluid released from the action of gravity, takes its natural shape is spherical. If you remember what was said before about the weightlessness of falling bodies and take into account that at the beginning of the fall can be neglected negligible air resistance [raindrops fall rapidly only at the beginning of the fall; for about the second half of the first second of fall set uniform motion: all drops, is balanced by the force of air resistance, which increases with increasing speed drops.], you will realize that the falling portion of the liquid must also take the form of balls. Indeed, the falling drops of rain are in the form of balls. Bullet - nothing like frozen drops of molten lead, which when the factory method of manufacturing a cause to fall in drops from a great height into cold water, where they harden in the shape quite right bulbs.

So cast the fraction is called a “tower”, because when casting her cause to fall from the top of a high tropolitaine” tower. Tower Drobotenko plant - metal construction and reach a height of 45 m; the top is the foundry room with melting pots, bottom tank with water. Cast the fraction still be sorting and finishing. A drop of molten lead solidifies in the pellet during the fall; a water tank need only to soften the blow of a bullet in the fall and to prevent distortion of its spherical shape. (The fraction with a diameter greater than 6 mm, the so-called buckshot, is produced in a different way: cutting of the wire pieces, then absitively.)

Tower Drobotenko plant.

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