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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 1.
Chapter 4. Rotation. "Perpetual motion machines"


A lot of Russian inventors of self-taught worked on the resolution of tempting the problem of “perpetual motion”. One of them, the peasant-Siberian Aleksandr Shcheglov, described by M. E. Shchedrin in the story “a Modern idyll” under the name “Philistine Presentaba”. Here it tells Shchedrin about the visit to the workshop of the inventor:

“Tradesman's Gift was a man of thirty-five, thin, pale, with large dreamy eyes and long hair, straight hair down to the neck. The house was spacious enough, but the whole half of it was occupied by a large move at the wheel, so that our society hard it is. The wheel was end-to-end, with spokes. Rim it is quite voluminous, was knocked out of thin planks, like a box, inside of which was empty. In this emptiness and fit mechanism, which constituted the secret of the inventor. The secret, of course, not particularly wise, like bags filled with sand, which was provided mutually each other to balance. Through one of the spokes was threaded through the stick that held the wheel in a state of immobility.

- We have heard that you are the law of perpetual motion to practice? "I began.

I don't know how to report, " he said apologetically, " it seems as if...

- You can take a look?

"Come on! For happiness...

He led us to the wheel, then looked around. It turned out that front-and rear - wheel.

- Spinning?

- Would seem to spin. Copresida though...

- You can take the shut-off? The show drew a stick - wheel did not move.

- Capeside! "he repeated, " that is one of impet to give. He put both his hands gripped the rim several times, turned it up and down, and finally, with the force rocked and blew, the wheel began to spin. A few turns it was done quickly and smoothly, is-was, however, as the inside of the rim sandbags the emphasis is on the walls, that fall off from them; and then start to spin hush, hush; there was a crack, a scratch, and finally, the wheel has completely stopped.

- Latch, therefore, is apologetically explained the inventor and again tensed and rajmahal wheel. But the second time had the same reaction.

- Friction, may be, in calculating didn't?

And friction in the calculation was... That friction? Not from the friction of it, as well... sometimes like delight, and then suddenly... securitycam will supremacy and Sabbath. If the wheel of this material was done, but then so trim some”.

Of course, it's not in the “latch” and not in “this stuff”, and in the complexity of the basic idea of the mechanism. The wheel is slightly turned from the “impetu” (push), which was given to him by the inventor, but inevitably had to stop when reported from outside the energy spent in overcoming friction.

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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