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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 1.
Chapter 3. The resistance of the medium


This is the original weapon is the most perfect piece of equipment of primitive man for a long time aroused the amazement of scientists. Really strange, intricate shapes described by boomerang in the air, able to puzzle everyone.

How Australians use the boomerang on the hunt to hit the victim from behind cover.
The flight path of a boomerang (in the case of a miss) is shown by the dashed line.

Currently, the theory of the flight of the boomerang was developed in great detail and wonders ceased to be miracles. To go into these interesting details we won't. Render only that extraordinary path of flight of the boomerang are the result of the interaction of three factors: 1) the initial throw, 2) rotation of the boomerang and 3) the air resistance. Australian instinctively knows how to combine these three factors; he subtly changes the angle of the boomerang, the strength and direction of the throw, to get the desired result.

However, some proficiency in this art may be purchased by everyone.

For exercises in rooms have to make a paper boomerang that you can cut at least from the post card in the form indicated in the figure below. The size of each branch is about 5 inches long and slightly less than 1 cm in width. Hold the paper boomerang under the thumbnail and click on it on the tip so that the blow was directed forward and slightly upward. The boomerang will fly five meters, smoothly describe a curve, sometimes quite intricate, and if you don't hit any object in the room, you'll fall down at your feet.

Paper boomerang and the way it is throwing.

Even better experience, if you give the boomerang dimensions and shape shown in the figure below in full size. It is useful to slightly bend the branches of the boomerang spiral. This boomerang can, with some skill, be forced to describe in air complex curves and to return to his place of departure.

Another form of paper boomerang.

In conclusion, let us note that the boomerang is not, as generally believed, exclusive features weapons inhabitants of Australia. It is used in various places of India and, judging from the remains of wall-paintings, was once common weapons Assyrian soldiers. In ancient Egypt and Nubia boomerang was also known. The only thing that pertains only to Australia, is slightly helical flexure attached to the boomerang. That is why the Australian boomerangs describe the intricate curves and in the case of a miss going back to his feet rushing.

Ancient Egyptian depiction of a warrior, casting the boomerang.

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