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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 1.
Chapter 3. The resistance of the medium


The air prevents the bullet, know it all, but only a few people understand clearly how great is this braking effect of the air. Most people tend to think that such delicate environment as air, which we usually do not even feel, can't any significantly interfere with the rapid flight of a rifle bullet.

The flight of bullets in vacuum and in air.
Large arc represents a path which would describe the bullet, if there were no atmosphere.
Small arc on the left is the actual path of the bullet in the air.

But look at the picture and you will understand that air is a bullet obstacle is extremely serious. Large arc on this drawing depicts the path that would have travelled the bullet, if there were no atmosphere. After leaving the gun barrel (at a 45°angle, with the initial velocity of 620 m/sec), the bullet would describe huge arc 10 km height; distance the bullet would have amounted to almost 40 km In reality, the bullet under these conditions, describes a relatively small arc and range of its flight is 4 km. Shown on the same drawing this arc almost invisible next to the first; this is the result of anti air! Don't be air rifle could shoot at the enemy from a distance of 40 km, having lead the rain to a height of 10 km

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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