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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 1.
Chapter 2. Gravity and weight. A lever. Pressure


Decimal scales only if true show the weight of your body when you're standing on their platform completely motionless. You bend down and scale at the time of bending show reduced weight. Why? Because the muscles pregabalin upper body, tighten at the same time, the lower part of the body upwards, reducing the pressure exerted by it on the support. On the contrary, in the moment when you stop stooping body by the force of the muscles, rastalkivaya both parts of the body apart, scales show markedly increased weight, respectively, increased pressure on the lower body on the platform.

Even the show of hands should cause oscillation sensitive scale, corresponding to a small increase in the apparent weight of your body. Muscles, raising her hand up, rely on the shoulder and, therefore, push it along with the torso downward pressure on the platform increases. Stopping raise our hands, we are driven to the opposite muscles that pull the shoulder up, trying to reconcile it with the back of his hand, and the body weight, the pressure on the bearings is reduced.

On the contrary, putting his hand down, we during this movement caused by the reduction of their body weight, and the moment you stop hands - increase weight. In short, the action of internal forces, we can increase or decrease the weight of our body, meaning under the weight of pressure on the support.

Entertaining physics J. Perelman


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