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"Entertaining physics". Book 1.
Chapter 9. Vision one and two eyes


All probably seen the portraits that not only look right on us, but even watching us with her eyes, turning them in the direction in which we move. This curious feature of such portraits have long been and always seemed most mysterious, nervous people it is positively frightening. Of Nikolai Gogol's “the Portrait” perfectly described a similar case:

“The eye was staring at him and, it seemed, didn't want anything else to look once it is... the Portrait looks past all that is around right into it, looks just what's in it...”

Many superstitious legends are connected with this mysterious feature of the eyes in portraits (just remember the “Portrait”), and yet the answer is simple deception of view.

All due to the fact that the eye relief on these portraits placed in the middle of the eye. Such we see the eyes of a person who looks directly at us, but when he looks away, past us, the pupil and the whole iris seem to us that is not in the middle of the eye, but slightly displaced to the edge. When we move away from the portrait, the eyes, of course, their positions do not change, remain in the middle of the eye. As well as, in addition, face and everything we continue to see in the same position in relation to us, we, of course, it seems like the portrait turned his head in our direction and he watches over us.

In the same way explain other puzzling features some pictures: horse rides straight at us, wherever we depart from the picture; man points to us: his outstretched my arm sent directly to us, etc. Example of such paintings you see on the image below. Such posters are often used for promotional or advertising purposes.

The mysterious portrait.

If you think about it carefully into the cause of such illusions, it becomes clear that they are not only not surprising, but on the contrary: it would be surprising if this picture is not possessed.

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