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"Entertaining physics". Book 1.
Chapter 9. Vision one and two eyes


Equally important, and the second rule is to keep the picture in proper distance from the eyes; otherwise violated the right perspective. What should be the distance? To get the full experience you need to consider a picture at the same angle of view what the camera “saw” the image on the frosted glass of the camera, or what is the same, what he“saw” remove items. It follows that the shot needs to be placed close to the eye at a distance, which is as many times less than the distance of the object from the lens, how many times the image of the object is less than the actual value. In other words, it is necessary to keep the shot from the eyes at a distance which is approximately equal to the focal length of the lens.

In a photographic apparatus, the angle 1 equals angle 2.

If we take into account that in most Amateur cameras focal length is 12-15 cm [In the following text the author is referring to cameras types that were common in the period of creation of “Amusing physics.” - Approx. Ed.], we will understand that we should never consider these images at the correct distance from the eye: the best distance vision to normal eyes (25 cm) is almost twice more than the specified. Flat seems and pictures hanging on the wall, is seen from a greater distance.

Only short-sighted people, with a short distance of the best view (as well as children who are able to see at close range), can deliver pleasure to admire the effect, which gives ordinary picture at the correct viewing (one eye). Holding the picture at a distance of 12-15 cm from the eyes, they see not a flat picture, and a relief image in which the foreground is separated from the back almost like a stereoscope.

Reader, I hope, will agree now that in most cases we only own ignorance is not derived from photographic images in full of the pleasure, what they can deliver, and often in vain complain about their lifelessness. The thing is that we do not put your eye at the proper point with respect to the picture and look with both eyes at the image intended for only one.

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