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J. Perelman
"Entertaining physics". Book 1.
Chapter 9. Vision one and two eyes


Photo penetrated to us in the forties of the nineteenth century, first in the form of so-called “daguerreotype did” (from the name of the inventor of this method of Daguerre) images on metal plates. The disadvantage of this method of photography was that I had to pose in front of the apparatus for quite a long time - tens of minutes...

“My grandfather, " said the Leningrad physicist, Professor B. P. Weinberg, was sitting in front of the photographic camera to get him one and then nerazmotanny daguerreotype, forty minutes!”.

But still the opportunity to get portraits without the participation of the artist seemed so new, almost miraculous that the audience soon got used to the idea. In the ancient Russian magazine (1845) learn about this fun event:

“Many still don't want to believe that the daguerreotype could act itself. One is a very respectable man came to have his portrait done. The owner (i.e. the photographer. - J. P. ) sat him down, fitted glass, put in a plate, looked at his watch and left. While the master was in the room, the venerable man was sitting in his tracks; but only the owner went out the door, sir, wanted to have her portrait painted, did not consider it necessary to sit quietly, got up, sniffed tobacco, examined from all sides of the daguerreotype (apparatus), put his eye to the glass, shook his head, said “tricky thing” and started walking out the room.

The owner returned and, with amazement, stopping at the door, exclaimed:

- What are you doing? I told you that you were sitting still!"

"Well, I was sitting. I only got up when you left.

Then we had to sit.

- Why should I sit in vain?”

You think, reader, that now we are far from any naive notions about photography. However, nowadays most people have not mastered completely with photography, and, incidentally, very few people know how to look at the finished pictures. You think there's nothing and be able to take a shot in the arm and look at him. But this is not so simple: photos belong to those items that, in spite of their prevalence, we do not know how to apply. Most photographers, Amateurs and professionals - not to mention the rest of the audience - consider pictures not entirely wrong. Almost a century known to the art of photography, and yet many do not know how, actually, you should consider photographs.

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