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"Entertaining physics". Book 1.
Chapter 9. Vision one and two eyes


Photography had become in our everyday life so habitual that we cannot imagine how we could do without it, our ancestors, and not even very remote. In “the Pickwick papers Dickens tells funny how he captured the appearance of the person in public institutions of England a hundred years ago. The action takes place in a debtors ' prison, where he led piquia.

Piquito said that he should sit until it will remove the portrait.

“ - Will take a portrait of me! - exclaimed Mr. Pickwick.

- Image and your likeness, sir, " answered the burly prison guard. "We wizards to shoot portraits, it would be you know. No time to turn, and the picture is ready. Sit down, sir, and make yourself at home.

In obedience to the invitation, Mr. Pickwick sat down, and then Samuel, the servant of piquia) whispered in his ear that the expression “to remove the portrait” should be understood here in a figurative sense:

"It means, sir, that prison officials will look to your face, to distinguish you from visitors.

The session began. Fat jailer blithely looked at m-RA picwik, while his comrade was opposite the new prisoner and fixed him with a stare. The third gentleman stopped in front of the nose m-RA piquia and began to study his features tense vnimanie.

Finally, the portrait was removed, and m-PY piquito said that he could go to jail.”

Earlier, the role of these “portraits”captured memory, played a list of “signs”. Remember, in “Boris Godunov” by Pushkin description Grigory Otrepyev in the Royal decree: “the growth is small, broad chest, one arm shorter than the other, eyes blue, hair brown, cheek wart on the forehead of another”? In our days it is simply attached photograph.

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