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Andrey Perosin


Here encrypted famous sayings and Proverbs. And encrypted, they are as follows: each word is replaced with the opposite meaning. For example:
On standing sand milk-it boils. ---> Under the rolling stone gathers no moss.
Try to figure out what Proverbs encrypted here! It's fun!

  1. On standing sand milk-it boils.
  2. With idleness will you let all the squid in the ocean.
  3. Five dozen Alves, until thirteen.
  4. Fun night in the morning, because entertain no one.
  5. Great serebrenik, but cheap.
  6. And part because silver is that it tarnishes.
  7. Letter - iron, sound - aluminum.
  8. Four fool's bad, but five worse.
  9. A new enemy worse than the old nine.
  10. Scout near Moscow will throw.
  11. Two out of the forest was pacifists.
  12. And anything dog Christmas.
  13. Started leisure to sit quietly.
  14. The rest of the place, the work of years.
  15. Disagreement cheaper than bonds.
  16. For one stupid little problems.
  17. Sell the stroller in the winter and the truck in the summer.
  18. Called Tatar better person.
  19. Razbazarivaya the vices of the old man.


  1. Under the rolling stone gathers no moss.
  2. Easily not catch a fish from the pond.
  3. Measure twice, cut once.
  4. Boring day until the evening, if nothing to do.
  5. Small but precious.
  6. Not all gold that glitters.
  7. The word is silver, silence is gold.
  8. One mind is good, two is better.
  9. An old friend is better than two new ones.
  10. Language to Kiev.
  11. One man is no man
  12. Not all cat carnival.
  13. Finished matter - walk safely.
  14. Work first, play later.
  15. The agreement is worth more than money.
  16. Every wise man has enough simplicity.
  17. Prepare sledge in the summer and winter wagon.
  18. An uninvited guest is worse than a Tatar.
  19. Take care of the honor of his youth.

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