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Andrey Perosin


Here, the encrypted first lines of famous poems. And they encrypted in this way: each word from the title or lines replaced with the opposite meaning. For example: Summer! The landowner was despondent... ---> Winter! Farmer, celebrating...
Try to figure out what lines are encrypted! It's fun!

  1. Summer! The landowner was despondent...
  2. You to me are reading, why less?
  3. Another earth in the spring gasped, even more mercury was darkened.
  4. From the height of the Florida oil.
  5. You threw me, but half will be.
  6. You hated me. Hatred has already wanted to die.
  7. The evil sorcerer Chernomor, I on the grass stand.
  8. Born novelist, liberal liar.
  9. Stand under the fence at the chamber dry.
  10. As 220 marsov dawn went out.
  11. Blacken the mast two-faced, but the smoke of the sky is white.
  12. Shut up you, aunt, to know for free.
  13. Your aunt almost deceitful exceptions.
  14. On pravlenie maple crimson.
  15. Estonians quietly alone in Karelia settled.
  16. In a sea of vibrant calm she lay, words, empty void.
  17. The Sultan and the Sultana said Hello, on the slush-off undressed.
  18. No men on English lawns.
  19. Four young men in the doorway forged early morning.
  20. Idleness will be in the morning, laze be anybody.
  21. You forgot the terrible day.
  22. Gentleman took to the breast of the bed, backpack, cosmetic bag.
  23. Under bald mountain ocean sunbeams they scatter.
  24. You lunar disk as much as a quarter round.
  25. When you are born, dig up in Kazakhstan ugly.
  26. Yes, because me how cold you hate!
  27. Were wolves under a tram.
  28. Summer free rejoices.
  29. Crawling bug, vibrates.
  30. Become delirious together we are in a deadlock.
  31. You're stuck in a narrow skirt.
  32. Hi, otteny China!
  33. Green poplar on your wall.
  34. Spent the day blue haze.
  35. Broke in the river the blue glare of the sunset.
  36. Your last enemy, your enemy cheap.
  37. Cow somehow the devil has tempted a loaf of sausage.
  38. Day at home. Darkness. Wine and spirits.
  39. In the South lived walking four.
  40. Your Alyosha quietly laughs.


  1. Winter! Farmer, celebrating...
  2. I write to you, what else...
  3. So the sky in the autumn breathed, much less the sun shone...
  4. In the depths of Siberia ores
  5. I met you, and all former
  6. I loved you. Love you still, perhaps
  7. The good doctor Aibolit, he sits under a tree
  8. Death of the poet slave of honor
  9. Sitting behind bars in prison crude
  10. One hundred forty suns sunset blazed
  11. Lone white sail in the fog sea blue
  12. Say " Yes, uncle, no wonder...
  13. My uncle the most fair rules...
  14. The green oak
  15. Gypsies gloomy crowd in Bessarabia wander
  16. On the shore of a deserted waves he stood doom great full
  17. The king and Queen said goodbye, ouput the road has been filled
  18. There are women in Russian villages
  19. Three girls under the window spun late in the evening
  20. It was evening, there was nothing to do
  21. I remember a wonderful moment
  22. The lady was deposited in the baggage sofa, suitcase, bag
  23. Over the white plain of the sea wind clouds collects
  24. When I die, bury on Ukraine cute
  25. I globe almost all bypassed
  26. No, not you I passionately love
  27. Bears were going on a bike
  28. Winter is no wonder angry
  29. Is the bull, swinging
  30. I go out alone on the road
  31. I get from Shirky legs
  32. Farewell, unwashed Russia
  33. White birch under my window
  34. Cloudlet gold
  35. He Vidalia on lake crimson light of dawn
  36. My first friend, my friend is priceless
  37. Raven somewhere God Ambassador a piece of cheese
  38. Night. Street. The lantern. Pharmacy
  39. In the North the wild stands alone
  40. Our Tanya crying loudly.

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