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Foam, 2 bottles of yogurt, colored paper, yarn, stationery, buttons, ribbons, fabric scraps, Chinese sticks or pencils.

The ship is a vessel that is propelled by the power of steam.

The ship Styrofoam The ship Styrofoam The ship Styrofoam
Foam cut out 2 rectangles of different sizes. The width of the larger of them should be a little more than two bottles of yogurt. On the one hand a large rectangle cut out the nose, on the other - make 2 indentations for bottles, which will serve as the steamboat tubes. Glue bottles-pipe. The remaining rectangle scrugli on one side and glue next to the pipes. A strip of paper, wrap the upper part of the vessel and pipes and also glue.
  The ship Styrofoam  
  In the middle of the stick Chinese wand or pencil - this will be the flagpole Pull the thread to secure it buttons in the front and rear of the ship. Glue or tie a ribbon in the form of a flag.  


A catamaran is a boat with two hulls-floats which makes it particularly resistant to water.

Catamaran Styrofoam Catamaran Styrofoam Catamaran Styrofoam
Foam cut out 2 identical parts of the body. They put more thin strip of foam and scrapie all together sticks - mast ready. Front and back (on each part of the body) attach button. From scraps of fabric cut 4 triangles-sails: 2 large and 2 small. Pull the thread through the top of the mast and the edge of the sail and fasten the ends on the buttons on both sides. Decorate the catamaran ribbons.

The finished boat and catamaran:

Ship Styrofoam


Fun ideas, No. 5 (2008)

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