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You will need:

glass jar, clay, old Newspapers, wire, PVA glue, glue brush,
a simple pencil, paint, markers, scissors, napkins and tablecloth.


Papier-mache on the air ball

Vylepite clay pear, now spread it with glue and apply a thin layer of wet, jagged pieces of paper.


Papier-mache on the air ball

Apply 5-6 ragged layers of adhesive paper. Dry and cut into two halves.


Papier-mache on the air ball

Glue "weld" the pieces of paper. Apply the primer. Dry. Color. Glue the leaf.



Papier-mache on the air ball

Apply on the tin layer of paper, moistened with water, and 3-4 of the adhesive layer.


Papier-mache on the air ball

Dry, cut in half, glue the "seam", gratuite, glue paper-scales.


Papier-mache on the air ball

Dry the pineapple. Paint brush. Glue green "crest" of the leaves.


Papier-mache on the air ball

Create a papier-mache creative composition
"Overseas still life for our toys!


According to the materials collection I. A. Lykova "Our papier-mache" (series "Masterlike")
Artist Luda Dinina


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2014-03-22 09:49:02
from the fruit to make igrushechnij
not important*
2013-11-29 20:45:41
and you know how to make it more easier? take a piece of cotton wool (as you should) give it a shape (for example Apple) glue on cotton (fruit) paper and oblate plaster and then paint or paper apply paint! :-)
2013-11-08 21:27:32
2013-10-30 20:50:38
interestingly, and can be done on the form
lemon? shops sell such as jars of lemons.
Mariska taxis
2013-05-10 14:15:55
I for 10 minutes did
2013-02-18 13:40:23
Not not slojnomu at school on technologies such dellolio not fruit,and plates and bacale.
2012-10-15 13:50:56
and is it hard?
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