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You will need:

form of a balloon, a plate, a pot, clay, old Newspapers, balloons,
PVA glue, glue brush, colored paper, a pencil, markers, scissors, cloth, oilcloth.

Papier-mache on the air ball

The mask 1.
Create a shape balloon.
Cut holes for the mouth and eyes of any form.
On the inner side, glue the nose cone.


Papier-mache on the air ball

The mask 2.
Create based on a plastic plate.
Cut out eyes and a mouth that line the layers of paper and decorate.


Papier-mache on the air ball

The mask 3.
Such as making masks out of clay on the workpiece made of cardboard.
Use it as a form of papier-mache.


Papier-mache on the air ball

Vylepite mask from clay on the Bank (ceiling, saucepan) and use it as a blank disc for papier-mache.


Papier-mache on the air ball

In papier-mache is very convenient to make masks: new year's eve and carnival, theatre and story - for interior and different games.


According to the materials collection I. A. Lykova "Our papier-mache" (series "Masterlike")
Artist Luda Dinina


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Your comments:

Blah Blah Blah
2014-04-14 22:20:19
I obajau papier mache in grade 3 did made plates and eat of them (don't have to wash)
2014-01-18 16:43:01
papier-mache is just super
2014-01-09 18:18:11
Podelki I always do and Pape mache yet but I will do them I hope this is very interesting.
2013-12-27 13:23:28
2013-10-21 04:35:47
2012-03-26 10:57:35
Really good article TYPES of masks, and what and what they can do. Well, the proportions of glue and more everywhere you can find.
2012-01-11 05:25:36
I do too, papier - mache,
only a plate.
I am in the 4th grade, I'm a student))
Good luck with the mask!
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