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You will need:

old Newspapers, balloons, glue, glue brush, coloured and textured paper,
candy wrappers, a pencil, markers, scissors, cloth, oilcloth.

Papier-mache on the air ball

Take an old newspaper. Tear it into small pieces and moisten with water.


Papier-mache on the air ball

Inflate the balloon and lubricate it with a fat cream.


Papier-mache on the air ball

The entire surface of the ball cover layer of moist pieces of paper, with no gaps (without glue).


Papier-mache on the air ball

Now now spread a bead of glue. Put another layer of paper. Repeat 3-4 times.


Papier-mache on the air ball

Thoroughly dry the ball.
Then apply the primer is a mixture of tooth powder or gouache with glue.


Papier-mache on the air ball

Decorate crafts patterns, applique, flagella paper.


Papier-mache on the air ball

On the basis of balloons of different shapes and sizes you can create helicopters, airplanes, missiles, masks, toys...


According to the materials collection I. A. Lykova "Our papier-mache" (series "Masterlike")
Artist Luda Dinina


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Lera Ephraim
2014-02-26 20:45:56
K. Anastasia
2013-10-15 13:47:21
on battery, the bulb dries in just two hours
K. Anastasia
2013-10-15 13:44:44
Anastasia. try pressing lightly on the ball. if you feel that all layers of thick paper so we can poke ball.(it is best to pierce the knot). the ball itself will TopNet from paper.
2013-04-20 23:42:22
Thank you, helped me a lot! But how to poke the ball normal to the paper not blown away with the ball??!!
2013-03-30 10:06:45
How to make a rocket
alinka - Malinka
2013-02-24 17:46:14
cool I grandmothers on March 8 will make this animal
2013-01-28 19:04:07
Hello to everyone in the school exhibition-konkursie-mache you our spacenew with childhood.
2012-12-30 11:34:44
and I'm crushing of Smeshariki do!
Of Mira
2012-12-21 17:46:51
I like that thread made tokoto
Of Mira
2012-12-21 17:44:59
Dasha somewhere two days

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