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The technique of papier-mache - gluing pieces
paper burned

Papier-mache is an original technique for artistic work in a kindergarten, primary school and the family. Translated from the French "papier-mache" means "chewed paper". Papier-mâché was invented in France in the early sixteenth century. According to the method of creating articles of papier-mache reminds sculpting. Only handmade items are modeled not clay, clay or salt dough, and from the so-called "paper test". The basis for making such an unusual material are old Newspapers or any soft, loose paper.

Originally papier-mache used for the manufacture of dolls. Now papier-mache make dummies, masks, manuals, toys, theatrical props, boxes. In some cases, papier-mache made even the furniture and fixtures that are not so easy to distinguish from "real"!

There are three technologies for the manufacturing of articles made of papier-mache.

Fish from papier-mache
On the first technology product is produced layer by layer by gluing small pieces of wet paper on a pre-prepared blank. When this is applied from a few to 100 layers of paper. It is often used PVA glue, and previously used starch paste.

The second method products molded from a liquid pulp. Paper, cut into small pieces, pour hot water on the day is put in a warm place. Then it is subjected to boiling, wring out, loosen and dried. The obtained pulp is thoroughly mixed with chalk. In paper-chalk mixture with constant stirring, add glue to get plastic creamy dough. As an adhesive, a mixture of starch paste and wood glue. The batter is poured in the prepared form or put a layer on its surface and can withstand up to complete drying.

Fruit of papier-mache
On the third method products like glue plywood under pressure from the plates of solid cardboard.

The resulting product is ground and paint.

Figures can be molded into a sculptural way, or you can create based on the household form. As disc you can use balloons, balls, jars, bottles, plates, vases, frames of wire.

So, prepare

  • old Newspapers,
  • PVA glue or paste of the starch or flour,
  • the tub with water,
  • vaseline,
  • the first coat of white emulsion paint,
  • sandpaper,
  • clay,
  • hobby knife
  • scissors,
  • wire,
  • cardboard,
  • paint,
  • brush
  • markers,
  • colored paper,
  • scraps of fabric,
  • needle and thread
  • buttons,
  • natural material and other

Success in search of creative and experiment!

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