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Continuing the theme of the lesson "Paper flowers".

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Landscape paper, coloured paper, scissors, glue, a pencil, a ruler, a compass.

Let's make this water Lily:

Water Lily paper

First you need to make 3 flowers. Our flowers will be 12-blade. To make them better to take landscape paper: it's not as thin as a color, but not too thick, as flipchart or paper for sketching.

You need to make 2 flower of circles with a diameter of 10-15 cm and one flower is smaller, with a diameter of 7-8 cm

Preparation for a flower

Draw two diameters at right angles.

Preparation for a flower

Connect the segments adjacent the point of intersection of the resulting direct with a circle (segments AB, BC, CD and DA).

Each segment should be divided into three equal parts.

Preparation for a flower

Through the resulting points spend another 4 diameter.

Preparation for a flower

So we got a point on the circle to the vertices of 12 petals.

Spend another auxiliary circle with a diameter of about 2 times smaller than the first circle with the same center.

Preparation for a flower

Drawing auxiliary lines is completed. It remains to draw the petals of a flower. A schematic drawing of each petal is this:

Preparation for a flower

The result:

Preparation for a flower

Cut out the flower. Remember that these flowers have two and one slightly smaller.

The flower that will be below all, leave as is. The other two need to bend up the petals. How to do it?

Take the scissors and with a little pressure, drag the petal 2-3 times:

Preparation for a flower

In the same way, fold all the petals.

Glue flowers, dripping in the middle of each drop of glue and imposing on him the next flower. The smallest flower should be attached on the last (top).

In order to make the center of the flower, take a strip of yellow colored paper with a length of 20 cm and a width of 5-8 mm Cut her fringe:

Preparation for a flower

Fold the strip in free spiral (it's best to wrap it in pencil) and secure the end of the strip with glue, so that the spiral is not turned.

When the glue dries, fan fringe. Then the middle can be glued to the flower.

Preparation for a flower

To make a sheet of water lilies, cut a slightly elongated circle and cut out a small triangle.

Preparation for a flower

Take a sheet of blue cardboard, glue on its leaves, and on top of them - the flower Lily. The composition is prepared.

Water Lily paper

Lily of the paper. Video tutorial:

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