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News of our site
03.05.2010New coloring pages see "Flowers"
Snowdrops and Cornflowers.
29.04.20108 more lessons on the topic "Articles from salt dough"
Make Bunny, dog, fish, lamb, pork, decorative plate, letters, Santa Claus and snow maiden.
23.04.2010A new section in the "Howcast"
We called it "food and health"
22.04.2010Crafts made from salt dough
New section on your requests.
21.04.2010Vignettes for schools
While only 9 pieces, but the main thing is to start!
19.04.2010Search site
Now all pages have a search form at the top right corner). Before I asked to add some materials, check out: maybe they already have on the website!
13.04.2010Coloring pages of "How to train your dragon"
You can download, if desired, coloring books with inscriptions and without.
11.04.2010New images!
Three galleries pictures:
: ;
All that they need from the first days of life;
The kids are older.
I hope these pictures will help you to decorate your albums, diaries, etc.
09.04.2010Coloring pages of "Alice in Wonderland"
If you and your children liked the new adaptation of this tale, made by Tim Burton, you surely will not refuse to proscrastinate Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat or the Alice, right?
08.04.2010In section colorings birds added the category "poultry"
It until 6 kinds of colorings: roosters, hens, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys.
07.04.2010Coloring - BIRDS
This is a new category of coloring, it is now the following topics: Water and marsh birds, Forest birds, Predatory birds, Urban birds. Will continue to add chapters with coloring on the principle that for each species of birds - their page, already added Owls, Penguins, hummingbirds, Parrots.
06.04.2010A new category of tests - professional
It tests about the choice of future profession. They will help you to decide what you most interested in and that you have the most suitable. Especially if you haven't decided what you want to be.
05.04.2010Unusual aquarium
As unusual because everything in it - fish, seaweed, pebbles, snail - clay!
04.04.2010Proverbs about generosity, greed and avarice.
Upon requests from our visitors!
Dear friends! We congratulate you with happy Easter!
03.04.2010Easter crafts - candles in the shell
Beautiful decoration Easter table!

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