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06.06.2010Winx. Pictures
Pictures of cartoon characters Winx Club
05.06.2010"Happy childhood". Wallpapers for desktop
Pictures with scenes of children's entertainment in high definition.
02.06.2010Online jigsaw puzzles
22 puzzle of varying complexity - from simple to more complex, and the degree of difficulty you can choose and inside each game.
01.06.2010Games online
The beginning of summer and the international children's Day we will celebrate the opening of the new section of online games. And nothing that games still little, over time, their will be more! Section open 20 games of the genre "From point to point: children can draw their favorite cartoon characters on the points. It is simple, even for the smallest, but very fun!
31.05.2010Coloring - spiders
And different cute insects inchworm, beetles, flies and just different insects - termites, mantids, beetles, bugs and other whose names I don't even know...
26.05.2010Fabulous puzzles Century Stepanova
Fabulous - because it puzzles from favorite fairy tales and their characters.
25.05.2010Find the error!
Puzzles for kids: you have to guess what word you want to use in the poem instead substituted wrong. Puzzles are accompanied by fun illustrations that was not boring head to break!
25.05.2010Coloring - insects
As promised, did the initial filling of the section "Coloring-insects: Butterflies, Even butterflies (the story of the picture), ladybugs, Ants, Dragonflies, Grasshoppers, mosquitoes.
24.05.2010Coloring - bees
For your requests! This page opens the heading "Coloring insects", which we planned to create later, but taking into account your wishes, we begin to fill it out ahead.
23.05.2010New-old riddles
Korney Chukovsky "25 riddles, 25 solutions", as well as riddles S. Marshak - classic riddles!
21.05.2010Paintings from salt dough
We have already learned how to sculpt animals, plants, people - you can start the moulding compositions from salt dough.
19.05.2010Lessons sculpt from salt dough - continued
New lessons on the moulding of products from salt dough: ladybugs, Mushrooms, Hedgehog.
18.05.2010Lessons sculpt from salt dough
We added a few more articles on the modeling of salt dough: about the basic techniques of modeling, the methods of processing of finished products. Without these details, our guide to sculpting from salt dough would be incomplete.
08.05.2010Coloring by numbers
12 sets of figures to paint! For every taste, for any task!
07.05.2010Educational coloring pages
It's not just paint, but at the same time the lessons of arithmetic, attention training, and logic.

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