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07.07.2010Baby rhymes
We gathered for you a collection of counting, which was divided into the following categories: counting-out on conductive, counting-out shootout, rhymes author, rhymes-Abracadabra. All other rhymes allocated in category "Universal rhymes".
02.07.2010Clipart Books
Pictures in high resolution for decoration works.
02.07.2010Online game: guess the number!
The computer makes - you guess! The number of attempts is unlimited, but the faster you answer, the better.
01.07.2010Fish from foil
If you do not have your aquarium, you can make the fish themselves. Foil they are as real!
27.06.2010Drawing lessons: from point to point
Entertaining exercise at the same time to develop the child's fine motor, attention and training account: to draw a picture on the points. The section contains hundreds of drawings, sorted by degree of difficulty: simple pictures should be connected less than 10 points, the most difficult - more than 100. Only 11 degrees of complexity.
24.06.2010Century Stepanov. Nursery rhymes for kids
Fun nursery rhymes with illustrations
24.06.2010Online game: the Paired images
Game for memory training and attention, useful not only for kids but for adults.
23.06.2010Psychological test: can you solve their problems?
The result of this test will help you learn how you are an adult.
22.06.2010Coloring Pages "Mickey Mouse"
Coloring fun mouse - logo studios Disney! and his friends
21.06.2010TIC-TAC-toe in a new way
An old favorite game of all, but in a new design. Look and make sure that it is impossible to stop, even if you are not a child!
20.06.2010Coloring "Masha and the bear"
The characters of domestic animated film about a girl-shalunya and kind of bear.
17.06.2010Coloring "Ratatouille"
The beloved cartoon characters and scenes from it. Only 85 colorings
16.06.2010Images: rainbow
Clipart on "rainbow". The maximum resolution of images horizontally - 1024 px.
12.06.2010Nursery rhymes and Petushki
Our collection of jokes still been inexcusably poor and included only a couple of pages of the most famous and popular works of this genre. Now we have decided to fill this gap and released a new collection of jokes for all occasions that can accompany your baby from the moment you Wake up, throughout the day, before packing up for the night.
08.06.2010Online coloring
50 colorings heroes favorite cartoons, animals, flowers and other images

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