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27.07.2010Learn to embroider cross-stitch
How to embroider flowers, the most simple napkin.
27.07.2010Painted jewelry box
If a simple plastic box from the candy paint stained glass paints, you get a box of amazing beauty.
27.07.2010You might ask for cacti
To cacti were blooming all year round, give them flowers out of paper!
26.07.2010Summer coloring pages
Relax on the beach, Strawberry and strawberry, ice Cream
23.07.2010Strawberries in chocolate skirt
Strawberries with cream, strawberry milk, strawberry with sugar... And have you tried chocolate covered strawberries?
23.07.2010Marching from paper cups
Unlike plastic, paper cups will not rumple, will not crack and will take in the backpack up very little space.
23.07.2010Hares from clay
Long-legged jumpers!
22.07.2010The game "Snake" online
Different variations of a familiar old games.
21.07.2010Online games "Spot the difference"
The essence of these games is that two images need to find a specified number of differences. In our collection a few games from the simple to the complex.
20.07.2010Image ":"
Section added 60 pictures.
19.07.2010The "Teachers" section of the "School song"
Fresh, newly created section we hasten to fill up a new category in which we offer to your attention a song dedicated teachers and their great work.
19.07.2010"The thing with character". Test
This is a test for girls through which you can determine what kind of person you are and what kind of friend... your preferences in clothing
18.07.2010Kids say - K. Chukovsky "two to five"
We have collected the statements of the children from the book grandfather Chukovsky (and he collected these baby pearl life!) This page will now be a kind of epigraph entire section "the children have to Say and will open it.
17.07.2010School songs
A new section, which we had long dreamed of songs about school! On our site you can not only download these songs, but also to read their text and detailed information about authors and performers as well as listen to these songs online. And for those who prefer the sound vizored, we found (if possible) videos and other video clips of these songs. And finally, you can download our tracks school songs. Section open 13 songs, but he will be constantly updated because of school songs very much!
15.07.2010Baby talk
Kids say - issue 10

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