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03.09.2010New filmstrips
At the request of the member, voiced in the guest book, added filmstrips section. This filmstrips:
Malachite box
Silver hoof
Sinichkin well
Golden hair
N. Gribachev. "About a Fox Lariska and the hare Koska"
N. Gribachev "As Larisa Fox hired goslings to babysit"
Y. Olesha. "Three fat men"
Century Kataev. "The flower-Semitsvetik"
L. Lagin. "Brother Hottabych Omar Yusuf"
A. Tolstoy "The Adventures Of Pinocchio"
E. Schwartz "absent-minded magician"
A. Gaidar "the tale of the military secret, Malchish-Kibalchish and solid word"
I. Belitsky "Find in grandma's trunk"
P. Utevsky "Mr. Kock
H. Alexandrov "Funny men"
B. halts "Thrice killed"
O. Tikhomirov "Namesake commander"
Y. Yakovlev "Land of heroes"
Arthur Conan Doyle's "the Speckled band" .
29.08.2010Coloring pages for boys
27.08.2010Coloring - profession
26.08.2010Two more songs about school
Morning school, Hello!,
Girls, boys (sometimes also called "Peers, peers" by the first words of the song)
25.08.2010Cards by September 1
We have collected for you on the Network cards to the Day of knowledge:I hope they will be useful for you!
24.08.2010Poems by September 1
Poems of Soviet and Russian poets, dedicated to the celebration of September 1 - knowledge Day, the first-graders and study.
23.08.2010The photo frame to 1 September
Templates Photoshop for decoration festive photo taken on 1 September. Format PNG and PSD. Only 97 units.
18.08.2010Coloring "the Wizard of Oz"
Coloring heroes of the popular Hollywood movie with Judy garland in the lead role (Dorothy). Bonus photo gallery of screenshots from the movie.
18.08.2010The Princess and the frog
22 coloring and as illustrations and sample - 14 full-color images.
17.08.2010Coloring Pages "Princess"
There were only 18 colorings, now two hundred. A variety of Princess, of different ages and countries (Eastern, Chinese, medieval, etc.).
16.08.2010The song "Our school country"
Traditionally, the lyrics, the ability to download the actual song and the backing track to it, listen to songs online.
15.08.2010Fantastic coloring
For your requests created a new section colorings with fantastic animals and fantastic creatures. Open section unicorns, fairies, dragons and centaurs.
12.08.2010Listen to the lullaby online
In the section "Lullaby" made the following additions:
a) added information about the authors of the songs;
b) now every lullaby, you can listen online, and as a lullaby from movies to view fragments of the films, where he performed these songs;
b) complements the collection lullaby "Goodnight, Artek!" and the Lullaby from the movie "Doomed to become a star"
11.08.2010The puzzles. 6 types.
  1. Find the differences between pictures (30 jobs)
  2. Find the object in the picture (8 tasks)
  3. That messed up artist? (18 images)
  4. Labyrinths (8 tasks)
  5. Find two of the same item (17 jobs)
  6. What extra in the picture? (10 exercises)
09.08.2010Rhymes dictionary Dahl
Yes, in the "Explanatory dictionary of the living great Russian language" and presents this kind of folklore!

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