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04.10.2010"Bauske-bye!" Baby pictures
Sleepy animals, month, moon and stars, sleeping children - a collection of images on the sleeping subject.
04.10.2010Clipart on "Hygiene"
Washing, brushing teeth, combing is all that the doctor Moidodyr ordered!
03.10.2010A new section in Canada: Ecology
The first five questions in section - a basic concepts of ecology: that examines the science of ecology, what is the environment, what is the food chain...
29.09.2010Coloring oranges, watermelons, pineapples
Novelties for the section "Coloring - fruits and berries": "Pineapple", "Oranges", "Watermelons". In addition, added a few dozen new coloring pages "Apple", "Cherry", "Lemon", "Banana" and "Grape".
27.09.2010Songs about teachers
For the upcoming teachers ' Day added a few songs dedicated teachers in category "Songs about school. See the category "Our teachers".
26.09.2010Poems for teachers Day
You are already preparing for the teachers Day?.. If you haven't managed to find the lyrics to congratulations your favorite teachers, welcome to our specially created for this section!
23.09.2010Game sarcastically
Shooting balls in groups of the same colored balls. The purpose of these games is to clear the playing field. Variations of this game very much - we present you some of them.
...Simple game but addictive!..
21.09.2010Pictures of autumn leaves
The technique of creating applications from autumn leaves. A small gallery of works - compositions of this amazingly beautiful natural material.
20.09.2010School clipart (extended version)
We have greatly expanded section of school clipart, divided it into sections for easy viewing and added new categories, including photoclips on the topic "School"
14.09.2010Songs about friendship
A collection of children's songs about friends and friendship. Can songs download, listen and show clips from the cartoons with songs or videos, but also download the backing tracks of all the songs.
12.09.2010Mouse Diddle. Wallpapers for desktop
Fun, colorful Wallpaper on your desktop with the mouse Diddles and his friends.
11.09.2010Sports logos
Continuing the sports theme...
07.09.2010Sports clipart
Pictures on the topic "Sports", "sports".
05.09.2010Crafts from buttons
Do not dispose of old buttons! Of them can make beautiful crafts, jewelry and toys!
04.09.2010"Twilight". Wallpapers for desktop
Artistic Wallpapers with characters loved by the teenagers of the film "Twilight"Saga. Fans of the film will surely be able to choose a Wallpaper from more than 500 images!

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