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25.01.2011Little princesses: Wallpapers for desktop
The collection is very beautiful and colorful Wallpaper with princesses from disney's cartoons
Admission to the topic of fairy tales:
23.01.2011Quilling: bulk toys
In all lessons, with whom we introduced you earlier, you learned how to use the technique of quilling to create various patterns and ornaments. But the method of quilling suitable for producing volume Souvenirs and toys. Several new lessons will introduce you to this original technique (author Jane Jenkins). If you already own method of quilling, for the manufacture of dolls, you will need to learn only a few new shapes based on those you already know. In two introductory articles section describes the basic forms and necessary materials. And in addition, we publish the first three lessons:
20.01.2011Coloring: frogs and toads
More than hundreds of colors - from the most simple, fun (the first in the gallery) to complex, requiring skills coloring (at the end of the gallery)
19.01.2011The elephant went to study
The radio show you can listen on the website and download, and the text of the play D. Samoilov
18.01.2011The elephant's birthday
Audiostrobe (to listen online and download) and the text of the tale D. Samoilov
On 16.01.2011New coloring
Baby Raccoon
Military equipment
In addition, many new beautiful colorings in sections Pears and Butterflies.
Open section of fairy tales, which the previous generation listened to on records. Now you can listen in digitized form and download! Tales will be added regularly.
13.01.2011Wallpapers of Teddy bears
Bears with customers - desktop Wallpaper
12.01.2011Stories on metals
The genre of this book is non-fiction essays about the discovery, properties and uses of metals, their role in our lives. But read these essays as a real adventure, and sometimes even detective stories. It is the merit of the author - a great popularizer of science Sergei Iosifovich Vaneckova. The stories are read in one breath - make it yourself!
10.01.2011The technique of end-on paper
Lesson on how to create beautiful crafts - paintings or postcards with the aid of technology end. This technique is simple and affordable even for a preschooler, but requires a lot of patience!
08.01.2011Draw a cat
Lesson - tale in pictures (Century Suteev "the mouse and the Pencil)
04.01.2011The main forms of quilling. PhotoRec
03.01.2011Picture - "Parents"
Fresh section!
03.01.2011Image ":"
New pictures under more than 30 pieces.

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