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07.02.2011Puzzle with apples
The challenge for kids
07.02.2011Funny dish: chicken in eggs
You can cook them for Breakfast, and for the holiday table chickens will be a good decoration, especially at Easter.
06.02.2011Crafts from egg shell
A new section! Eggshell is a wonderful material for a variety of crafts and first of all to lay out a mosaic. With these techniques we will keep you informed about the new section. First lesson - decoration tableware and Easter eggs shell.
06.02.2011Homemade phone
How to make a simple phone line and two plastic cups.
05.02.2011Teremok. The Tale S. Marshak
With joy and great pleasure that I present to you one of his favorite tales of childhood - a musical play by S. Marshak "Teremok", written by folk tale. This story differs from the well-known folk variant: it shows you how small and weak, together, were able to banish and punish large and evil. And how did they manage it - learn, listened to the tale! We as a child listening to her records and then played her roles. You too can put this play in the kindergarten or school! The text of the play (written with plate) is attached.
04.02.2011The song is a mystery!
Song A. Pakhmutova words ap. Black. Every child is simply obliged to know it!
03.02.2011Photoclips "Soft toys"
Images with soft toys on the website were for a long time. But they were few, and the pictures were all small. So they were all placed in the same category. And now we have done for soft toys a section where a lot of categories c large images, namely:
  1. Squirrels
  2. Rabbits
  3. Chanterelles
  4. Bear
  5. Hedgehogs
  6. Lion
  7. Mouse
  8. Sheep
  9. Pigs
  10. Dogs
  11. Begemotik
  12. Dragon
  13. Crocodiles
  14. Horses
  15. Birds
  16. miscellaneous
03.02.2011Russian folk tales
In recent days we have added 13 tales in section audiobooks - all this Russian folk tales:
  1. Alyosha Popovich
  2. Baba Yaga and berries
  3. Two Frost
  4. The crane and the Heron
  5. As a man of geese shared
  6. Porridge from axe
  7. Resourceful soldier
  8. The chicken and bean seed
  9. Cock and malenka
  10. Go out there do not know where
  11. The seven-year plan
  12. Sivka-burka
  13. Telecheck
02.02.20115 simple chemical experiments
  1. Drawing iodine
  2. Improvised indicators
  3. Extraction
  4. Experiments with gases
  5. Oxidation and reduction
31.01.2011Interesting experiments and experiments
A collection of experiences (physical, chemical, mathematical, biological, and so on)that you can spend at home, and that will help you better understand our world. This section is mainly for children of secondary school age.
29.01.2011The Rocky Strawstack
The old radio show and a very good tale L. Vasilyeva music N. Peskov
28.01.2011Angel from paper ribbons
This is the most difficult crafts from Jane Jenkins "Crafts and Souvenirs from paper ribbons". It requires a lot of work, but the result is worth the effort!
28.01.2011Fairy from paper strips
Another lesson in creating bulk dolls using the technique of quilling.
26.01.2011Girls: your boyfriend Zodiac sign
What pretpisali him to be in the life of a star?
26.01.20113 test for girls
About you, about your love, about your guy... Find out more! Today we present to your attention three new test:
Would you be able not to interfere with your boyfriend?
Do you know how to flirt?
Are you gullible or, on the contrary, suspicious?

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