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02.01.2014Music dictionary in stories
Work on the creation of a dictionary, which lasted a whole year, finally finished! Here are articles about musical terms, profusely illustrated with photos, audio and video materials.
23.12.2013Sandwiches "TIC-TAC-toe"
The ingredients are the same as for simple sandwiches, but decorated in the form of the popular game sandwiches taste better than usual!
21.12.2013Many new poems
In the section of verses - new authors: Vadim Bardunov, Maria Serova, Victor Wines, Tatiana shcherbachev, Alexander Movie-Mantid.
Added many new poems Tatiana Koval (mainly cycles of poems about animals) and Edith, Sanitary.
Introducing a new category - Colored verses.
20.12.2013The song "Stars-snowflakes"
This Christmas song Sergey Krestinina in the words of Victor Wines us kindly provided by the authors.
17.12.2013"We ride". Riddles
A collection of riddles-dogovora Tatiana Koval about everything I love to skate kids.
14.12.2013Coloring Vegetables
A new category of colorings, which includes 23 headings: 22 different kinds of vegetables, and the 23-I - coloring of vegetable still lifes.
09.12.2013Homemade bracelets
In this lesson, we will tell you how to make stylish bracelets with beads.
06.12.2013Song A. Karpenko on the words of L. Gurtovoi
The authors kindly provided us with wonderful songs for kids: Oh, love!, A real gentleman, Nothing to wear, Mom, Mommy.
02.12.2013New names in the book of poetry
Their work for publication was sent to us by Alexander Bekhterev, Natalia Yakovleva, Galina Head.
01.12.2013Poems about sports
A collection of poems about physical education, sport, healthy lifestyle.
28.11.2013Poems about the wind
A new rubric in the book of children's poetry.
23.11.2013Songs about mother
Our gift to all mothers and children mother's Day - a great collection of songs about moms: 30 new songs, as children, and for adults.
20.11.2013New coloring
Pinocchio, Wallace and Gromit, Deer, Thomas and his friends.
18.11.2013School library: biology
Another section in our library. Currently under dozens of films from the following areas: General biology, Zoology of invertebrates, insects, amphibians, fish, birds.
12.11.2013Tales in verse
New poetry column. In addition to tales of the coryphaeus of children's poetry - Korney Chukovsky, it is now possible to read the tales Cyril Avdeenko, Tatiana Koval, Hope Shemyakina.

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