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5 new questions:
05.03.2011Test about a sense of humor
And how do you with a sense of humor? Let's find out!
04.03.2011Pictures of tulips
More than 100 hand-drawn tulips and bouquets of these delicate spring flowers.
04.03.2011Photoclips "Tulips"
In the collection of almost 400 photos. They will be useful when creating greeting cards, greetings, spring frames and so on!
03.03.2011Tulips from paper
The color theme of your hands, continue paper tulips. Lesson illustrazioni and video.
02.03.2011Draw tulips
The second lesson was devoted to the drawing of tulips. First look here.
02.03.2011New crafts from salt dough
A series of lessons devoted to articles made from salt dough. First, were supplemented with articles about how to make salt dough and added new General article:
Second, we added a few lessons. Some of them we recommend you to pay special attention on the eve of March 8!
28.02.2011Songs about first love
On the last day of the last month of winter in anticipation of spring, we have created a section of songs about first love! From the whole range of songs on this topic we choose only the ones that are sung about youthful love that comes into the school years.
25.02.2011Songs about mother
A collection of children's (and not only) songs about my mother.
22.02.2011Pinwheel paper: video tutorial
Out of our little artists we came to the conclusion that not everyone understands how to make the chopper, only from verbal descriptions and pictures. So on the description page of this crafts added a video.
22.02.2011Coloring - orchids
On the page with coloring added to the gallery of photos of these wonderful flowers. Can you paint them as beautiful as nature did it?
22.02.2011Learn how to draw tulips
Bouquet painted tulips are a great gift on March 8!
21.02.2011Coloring "Belka and Strelka"
The cartoon characters about brave dogs-Kosmonavtika. In addition, the page has a gallery of screenshots from the film, use them as reference!
20.02.2011Poem-riddle D. Kharms
The mystery on the principle of "finish line in the poem."
20.02.2011The lyrics for February 23
Defenders of the Motherland, including the future, is dedicated to our selection.

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