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12.06.2011Clipart: apples
Pictures of apples in high resolution and Apple-raster clipart (image formats - JPG, and PNG).
11.06.2011Song from the film "little Red riding Hood"
10.06.2011Song from the film "the adventures of electronics"
This category opens a new section - "Songs from children's movies and TV films".
08.06.2011Coloring Pages Of "The Valley"
Scenes from the animated film from Pixar's "Wall-E"
07.06.2011Pearl of school essay
New releases: quotations from the writings of the exam-2007, EGE-2008, EGE-2009, the exam-2010, the 2011 exam.
Also added excerpts from essays on the works of A. M. Gorky, I. A. Goncharov, M. Y. Lermontov and quotes from tests in biology (5 editions). And another pearl from the writings of German schoolchildren.
05.06.2011Poems about summer
A collection of poems in Russian and Soviet poets of the summer season.
03.06.2011New coloring
Forest animals: Bears, Squirrels, Beavers, hedgehogs.
To be continued!
01.06.2011Planet kids (clipart)
A selection of pictures for the Day of protection of children.
30.05.2011New templates for photos
8 new categories, dozens of new templates!
For girls: Ladies, costumes, snow Maiden, Historical costumes;
For boys: Princes, Kings, tsars, the Musketeers, National costumes.
28.05.2011Russian folk tales
Audioskazki performed by people's artist of the USSR, Honored grandmother of the Soviet Union" Tatiana Peltzer.
  1. The wolf and the seven little kids
  2. Bunny and Liska
  3. Kurochka Ryaba
  4. The Fox and the thrush
  5. Fox with schlocky
  6. Masha and the bear
  7. Bubble, straw and lapta
  8. Smart granddaughter
27.05.2011Experiments without explosions
Adding to our collection last 20 experiments, we finished publication on pages of our site chapters wonderful books About. Holguin "Experiments without explosions" (see "Chemical experiments No. 45-65)
26.05.2011Simple chemical tricks
How to turn water into milk or blood, how to make the invisible visible and other popular tricks based on chemical reactions.
25.05.2011Our surveys!
Dear friends! We invite you to take an active part in the development of ways of further development of our site! You can help us, simply participating in the surveys that we from now on will be placed on the site. Thanks in advance to all who are concerned and willing to share your opinion!
24.05.2011Colored pencils (clipart)
Pictures of colored karandasj in high resolution and cartoon clipart.

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