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02.10.2011Clip art of Teddy bears
Bear Pimboli
Yellow bear
Family of brown bears
Bears - girls
Bears love honey...
28.09.2011Coloring "Medieval castles"
The difficulty level from very low to high.
28.09.2011Coloring Pages Like "Russian Dolls"
The first page in a new category - Coloring on the topic of "Art"
27.09.2011Great composers
Perhaps some of our regular visitors will have noticed that on the website in the "Music" section a week ago there was a new category - "Great composers". And only now we are announcing the opening of this column, officially, when it is already enough articles, and there is something to read. Our goal is not only to tell the children about the work of musical genius, but it is possible to give at least a rudimentary acquaintance with their works. To do this, each article is accompanied by audio and/or video recordings of the most famous works of classical music. Completing the rubric is still in progress - on average, 1-2 articles per day.
24.09.2011Humorous observations of teachers in the diaries
A new category under "Children's humor". 4 release!
23.09.20115 filmstrips.
Replenishment section filmstrips:
20.09.2011Painting I. Shishkin
In our gallery - 307 works of the great Russian landscape painter.
18.09.2011Several new fairy tales
Tales of uncle Remus, crumb-havroshechka, Gingerbread man, the frog Princess;
as well as poems by S. Mikhalkov about uncle Stepa performed by N. Litvinova:
Uncle Styopa, Uncle Stepan - police officer, Uncle Stepa and Egor, Uncle Stepa - veteran.
17.09.2011Wallpapers for desktop, Harry Potter
Wallpaper for each of the 7 films about Harry Potter:
16.09.2011Pistachio fantasy
Crafts from shell pistachio nuts (with video).
13.09.2011Test: "What is your willpower?"
Not only for girls!
11.09.2011New poems in the section "Fun alphabet"
All these days we diligently scoured all corners of the Internet in search of the poetry section for "Fun alphabet". We have something to boast about: now in the section became 3 times more poems! But that's not all - to be continued...
08.09.2011Economic puzzles
Puzzles from the world of money and Finance: in poetry, humorous.
07.09.2011Draw a Chipmunk Alvin
This drawing lesson opens a section in which we will learn to draw your favorite cartoon characters.
05.09.2011Crafts from nuts
Crafts from the shells of walnuts. 10 lessons (author - Year Perverting).

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