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10.03.2014This is interesting! (pochemuchka)
There is an opaque water and transparent iron?
Why it is impossible to skate on the floor?
What is king Solomon's mines?
How many people can live without water?
Why should I drink water?
Making a match?
When the first match?
04.03.2014Postcard with slots and liner
The manufacture of such cards shown in the lesson on the example of Valentines, but the same principle can make any greeting card. The lesson included a video of the master class.
03.03.2014New poems
Added many new poems of Terence Travnja ("Defender of the Fatherland", "History night" and others), Galina Head ("Gift", " ' Buela", "Nehochu", "Magic of love" and others), as well as greatly expanded the category of poetry Nadia Hilton.
26.02.2014Audio about the war
Bonus collection of songs about the great Patriotic war: the audio (voices of the South Levitan and I. Kirillov - ads Sovinformburo, speech in memory of the fallen -"Eternal memory", "Moment of silence" and so on)
25.02.2014Educational flash games
This newly created category of online games open online videos from the series "The Scale of the Universe (Scale sizes in the Universe").
23.02.2014Military marches
To the Day of defender of the Fatherland, we have prepared a musical gift for you - a collection of military marches. Most of them you have heard at least once in their life on TV, radio or on holidays. Many of these marches are executed brass bands music schools.
22.02.2014Songs about war: replenishment
In our collection of songs about the great Patriotic war added a few more - like songs of the war years (with their history), and songs of our time. In a separate category highlighted songs about veterans.
19.02.2014TIC-TAC-toe: Angry Birds vs. Bad Piggies
For your requests! To navigate to the characters in the game list, navigate to the bottom.
17.02.2014The crocodiles from salt dough
Make a whole family of crocodiles!
15.02.2014Heart paper
Another option Valentines.
14.02.2014Origami Valentine
Easy crafts that you can make in one minute.
13.02.20145 new lessons for young magicians
Strange jug, the Duo tray and bowls, a Bag and a jug, Colored cubes, the Ring in the box.
06.02.2014Bags for herbs
How pleasant smell of dried herbs! Make Sasha - special bag for herbs, fill it and put it in a drawer or on a shelf in the wardrobe. A bag of lavender heart you can give on Valentine's day.
04.02.2014Sweet heart
Delicious dessert day St. Valentina
03.02.2014Necklace with heart
Decoration with their hands day St. Valentina

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