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30.06.2012Gold picture
Drawing lesson: an unusual technique that allows to create images, antique gold.
30.06.2012New music games
  1. Piano with voices of animals
  2. Lessons on the drum (repeat melody)
  3. Lessons Freddi fish
  4. Ensemble night cats
28.06.2012Pictures and clipart of horses
At the request made in the guest book of our visitor, added pictures of horses:
  1. Horses (baby pictures)
  2. Horses (clipart)
  3. Silhouettes of horses (monochrome images)
  4. Carousel horses
  5. My little pony
  6. Also added some pictures in the category of Horses - toys
27.06.2012Songs from the movie "Vacation of Petrov and Vasechkina"
After watching this film, one can't become a fan of both the movie and the actors that played in it, as well as songs featured in the musical!
Sew elephant with their hands.
24.06.2012Two songs for kids
1. The vegetables. This poem Y. tuwima in translation S. Mikhalkov know all of the children, familiar with the classics of Soviet children's poetry, but not everyone knows that the words of this poem the composer E. Silin wrote a wonderful merry tune. Unfortunately, the song in someone's performance or the backing track we couldn't find it, there is only text and notes.
2. The snow maiden. This song is the tale B. Mokrousov verses M. seas. The song you can listen and download. We recommend you to learn this song and sing it to the kids at night, saviv pace in two times in comparison with the original is the best lullaby.
24.06.2012The toys. Clipart
The completion of this section: Bikes and scooters, musical toys, spinning tops, toy cars, toy soldiers.
24.06.2012The adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina. Audiobook
Under audio books - three novels about Petrov and Vasechkina (based on the movies "the adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina" and "Vacation of Petrov and Vasechkina") - "the taming of the shrew", "us rides bully", "Knight". The year - 1986-1987. All three stories you can listen on the website and download.
23.06.2012Games-online wharepuke
Games in which you need to take care of the baby - animals, children, etc. and be able to fulfill all their desires and satisfy their needs. All they still do not know how to take care of yourself!
22.06.2012Clipart "Baby toys"
Balls, baby horses, pyramids, drums.
21.06.2012Song from the film "the adventures of Pinocchio"
Lyrics, songs to listen, view and download backing tracks of songs from the movie "the adventures of Pinocchio", filmed in 1975 at the film Studio "Belarusfilm" and immediately became a favorite film-the tale of Soviet children.
20.06.2012Nursery Rhymes K. Avdeenko
"Nursery rhymes for kids about vegetables, fruits and different products, kindly provided to us by the author.
19.06.2012"Spot the difference". 4 new games
DoliDoli, Mushrooms, game Drives, Game 55: find 5 differences for 50 seconds on the photographs of Paris.
16.06.2012Battleship from salt dough
Make funny little creatures and along the way learn about her many interesting...
15.06.2012Winter alphabet
The set of letters of the Russian alphabet in the ice-snow style.

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