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28.07.2012Poems about kids
First of all, it is, of course, the poems from the collection of A. Barto "Younger brother". In addition, today we have published in this newly created section of verses Nadia Hilton, Lydia Gurtovoy and Elena Randevou. This is only the beginning!
27.07.2012A collection of poems about "good" and "bad"
We titled the same as the famous Century poem Mayakovsky: "What is good and what is bad". In addition to the poems of Vladimir Putin, now in it (yet) placed the poems Agnes Barto, Elena Randevou And Lydia Gurtovoy. To be continued!
26.07.2012Poems about rainbows
24.07.20122 puzzles for kids.
New puzzles with fish:
Find two identical fish
Collect 9 fish
24.07.2012Marine panels
In this lesson you will learn how to make a beautiful surround panels made of shells and sea stones in memory of summer and the sea.
24.07.2012Caterpillar fabric
This soft fun inchworm will appeal even to those who did not love these creatures of nature.
23.07.2012Applique "the Night sky"
Original and very simple applique confetti.
23.07.2012Draw seahorses
Painting with gouache, but not with a brush, and... the Cam and fingers!
22.07.2012Origami Turtle
Another lesson in the art of origami on our website (with video).
20.07.2012Pictures "Insects"
18.07.2012Pictures "Butterfly"
Butterfly-beauty - baby pictures.
17.07.2012A fresh batch of jokes
About kindergarten
About the wolf and the Hare - the heroes of the cartoon "Nu pogodi!"
About the cat and the dog
About Winnie the Pooh and Piglet
About Pinocchio
Short jokes
16.07.2012Baby talk. Issue 18
16.07.2012Cliparts "Toys". Large refill
New categories: planes, trains and trains, turntables, dolls, clowns, toys for the sandbox, swings, boats, pieces of the puzzle, slingshot, rockets, toy dishes, homemade puppet theater, designers.
Draw your attention to two large new sections:
different toys (not included in other categories)
family of plastic dolls (398 photo!)
Also added new images to categories, musical toys, slides, drums, cars, Teddy bears.
15.07.2012Origami Fish
Very simple and cute crafts. Lesson with pictures and video.

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