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04.01.2013Children. Raster clipart
25 collections of clip art.
04.01.2013Children. Vector clipart
2 sets of clip art.
04.01.2013The game 'Plants vs. Zombies'
Online version of the popular game for all platforms.
29.12.2012Works, Oster
In the category of "Humor" added Tasks in mathematics, a Book of problems in physics and bad advice - 3 , Oster.
28.12.2012Poetry that is Stukalova about the New year
As animals of Santa Claus was chosen, Christmas miracle, Soon the New year, the snow maiden, "where are You, Santa Claus?
26.12.2012Doll "Santa Claus"
Video tutorial: how to make a doll on the cone - Santa Claus.
25.12.2012Draw Am Nyamaa
Funny green beast Am-Yum (in the English version of Om Nom) surely loved by all who played the game "Cut the Rope". Draw it is very simple - you will see it on our new drawing class.
25.12.2012The game "Cut the Rope"
A browser-based version of the popular game for mobile platforms. In an exciting and fun game develops spatial thinking and the application of laws of physics on an intuitive level (for example, the principle of the pendulum). We present two variants of this game is a classic (with green hungry monsters who want to eat candy and play "Feed the Panda".
24.12.2012Paper templates and models
A new section in the category "Crafts". It presents paper patterns (templates)that need to be cut out, folded in a certain way according to the instructions and glue. Now section contains templates for various gift boxes is important for the New year! It's much more interesting to do gift wrapping oneself than just wrap the gift in the gift shop paper or hand it in at the store handbag.
22.12.2012Christmas songs
Introduce a new category - children's songs for the Christmas holiday. In addition, in recent days we have added a lot of new songs in the rubric Christmas songs and Songs about winter.
17.12.2012Templates paper Christmas crafts
In the category of Christmas paper templates added two collections (1, 2) and the template of a Christmas goose.
16.12.2012Christmas songs P. Ermolaeva
In a collection of Christmas songs added 9 songs composer from St. Petersburg Pavel Ivanovich Ermolaeva.
15.12.2012Set of Christmas pictures
89 pictures to download one archive.
14.12.2012Christmas card
Another option crafts from paper loops.
11.12.2012Chrysanthemum from paper eyelets
We continue to talk about the crafts that can be made from paper loops.

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