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29.01.2013Online games for English language training
The section was only 1 game. Today I added 7 more.
28.01.2013New Christmas coloring pages
Santa Claus, Christmas wreaths, Angels, Christmas decorations, Merry Christmas, adoration of the Magi, the Elves as helpers of Santa Claus, Christmas carols, Mail Santa Claus and Santa Claus, Christmas sweets .
In addition, added a lot of new colorings almost all the old rubric section "New year and Christmas": "Christmas tree", "Candles", "the Snowmen", "Christmas balls", "Santa Claus", "Socks for gifts and others.
27.01.2013Coloring pages of "Ural-Siberian painting"
26.01.2013Coloring "Tableware"
Mugs, plates, spoons, teapots... With designs and without.
26.01.2013New names in the book of children's poetry.
Submitted poems Soviet poet and writer Gregory Lunina and a young writer from Odessa Helena Glisi.
25.01.2013All year round (poems about the seasons)
A new collection of poems on our website.
24.01.2013Poems By Irina Gurina
Added many new poems by the author on the theme of the seasons and major holidays.
22.01.2013Bulk postcard birthday
New lesson on the topic of technology, kirigami, or volume of cards (pop-up cards). Very easy and cute craft gift birthday.
19.01.2013Templates for a photomontage
Great addition to the templates section for mounting baby pictures!
New column:
For girls: Ballerina, Oriental beauty, God, the Animals, the Little bride, On the background of nature, the Little robber, In the tale, Elegant dresses.
For boys: the Dwarves Santa Claus, Motorists, Sea templates, Pilots, Animals, Aladdin, and other templates for photo boys.
And added new templates in categories:
For girls: little Girl, Little lady, Princess.
For boys: Princes, Pirates.
17.01.2013How to insert photo in the Photoshop template
Step-by-step lesson.
17.01.2013Templates Photoshop "Snow Maiden"
Added 14 new templates.
16.01.2013Two new games Angry Birds
Festive games: Halloween and Christmas game.
14.01.20135 new online games
TIC-TAC-toe game in Venom and Gwen (at your request), Cubes with Mary (a variant of Tetris), the Painter, Aengie Quest, Help Smurfie to collect the car.
13.01.2013A large collection of slides
This week our collection of filmstrips significantly enriched: added 120 filmstrips. It's fairy tales, poems, and stories from the classics of Russian, Soviet and world literature. Enjoy your viewing!
10.01.2013Bookmarks for books
A set of bookmarks with the characters of disney cartoons. Simply print and cut!

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