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12.03.2013New coloring
1. A new category of PLANTS. 7 headings: Cacti, Deciduous trees, Palm trees, Apple trees, Trees, Stumps, Algae.
2. Replenishment filed under: Seashells, Flowers, Mushrooms, ice Cream.
3. And another new category in the category of FOOD - Sandwiches.
09.03.2013Cooking online games
Our gift to the girls for March 8: virtual kitchen - games in which you can learn the manufacturer of delicious cakes and pies. Of course, in multiplayer it all not really, but just like in life!
08.03.2013New verses K. Avdeenko
The cycle of poems Poems for kids about animals
New nursery rhymes
08.03.2013Clipart Drawing
Large replenishment filed under: brushes, paints, pencils, drawing children...
08.03.2013Cards-frames to 8 March
6 templates in PNG format.
08.03.2013Poems about mothers
For Women's day, we greatly enlarged section of poems about mothers, grandmothers and poems-congratulations on March 8. More than 60 new poems, written classics of Russian (N. Nekrasov) and Soviet (A. Twardowski, R. Gamzatov, E. Assad and other) poetry.
06.03.2013Sandwiches "Angry Birds"
Fun sandwiches with angry birds for the holiday table or for Breakfast.
05.03.2013Coloring pages "flower Bouquets"
For those who have not yet had time to think of what to draw mom on March 9!
03.03.2013Songs about grandma (for adults)
We made a new small selection of songs in the category. In these songs sung about love to your grandmother already adult grandchildren. However, these songs are good if not for the performance, to listen to children, for which they will be instructive and useful.
02.03.2013Songs about grandparents
In a collection of songs about grandparents added 8 more songs.
01.03.2013Rhymes Natalia Antonova
01.03.2013Replenishment section of verses
To the first day of spring we have prepared a gift for you: added dozens of poems in sections Poems about spring and Poems for March 8
In addition, we present new author: Natalia Volkova.
28.02.2013Fantazileri That Is, Randevou
This collection includes poems for lovers of games with words. Fun, playful poems that is, Randevou attract attention and interest in the intricacies of the Russian language.
27.02.2013Songs from the movie "Mama"
All soundtracks, including not only singing, but also dancing, from the immortal film "Mama" (USSR - Romania - France, 1976) L. Gurchenko and M. boyar in the lead roles.
24.02.2013Draw magic from "Madagascar"
It's quite simple! Fun fun lemurchik happens and the child and the adult, even if you don't know how to draw.

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