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02.06.2013Ali Baba and the 40 thieves
The musical 1981 by the famous Arab tale. The script is written Century, Laughter, and music - S. Nikitin and B. Berkovsky. Duration tales - more than 90 minutes.
01.06.2013Clipart TREES
Black-and-white, color (gif format).
31.05.2013The song that is Zhdanova for kids
Our gift to our little site visitors to the children's Day - a collection of 20 songs Ekaterina Zhdanova words Galina Lebedeva.
27.05.2013Physical experiments. grade 10
62 video experiments illustrating electromagnetic, electrostatic phenomena, properties of liquids.
23.05.2013Tests in the Russian language
The end of the school year is a good time to check your knowledge! We have developed a special software module for rapid evaluation of the knowledge of school subjects. Here are the first 10 tests on the basis of this module.
Continue the journey into the world of visual bulk of illusions. New series such illusions - anaglyphic image.
08.05.2013Songs about war
To the Day of the great Victory we open in the music section new section - Songs of the great Patriotic war. Do not judge strictly, what songs there is still very little category you just created and will be updated gradually.
Some songs of this column has its own history or the history of those events, which they are dedicated. On these pages provides a brief historical background.
Dear friends, we would like to see the words "NOBODY is FORGOTTEN, NOTHING is FORGOTTEN" does not become null and void and remain relevant as long as possible! WITH THE HOLIDAY OF THE GREAT VICTORY!
06.05.2013Coloring Yuri Nuri
We present to your attention a large collection of online coloring Yuri Nuri - 86 pieces! This is a fun picture with animation (the characters on them blink), which can be colored by using a set of colors 24 colors.
02.05.2013Verses for Victory Day
For the upcoming holiday of may 9 - new collection of poems on our website. These verses dedicated to the great joy of Victory and simultaneously with it the pain of those who died in the great Patriotic war.
3D entertainment!
27.04.2013Verses Century Danko
We present a few verses of the author, taken from the files of the magazine "Murzilka" 80-ies.
24.04.2013New coloring
Easter eggs, the X-Men.
Also added new pictures for colouring in sections Horses and Mouse.
22.04.2013Physics experiments. 9th grade
The next series of tutorials in our scientific library includes roller 73, which describes the phenomena of mechanics, acoustics, wave and oscillatory phenomena with visual illustrations in the form of entertaining experiments.
20.04.2013Pet fee. Clipart
Introducing fresh columns of images on the theme "Pets": Bulls, Cows, Donkeys, Horses, Ponies.
As well as a new collection of pictures of Roses and replenishment filed under Spiders, Silhouettes of horses.

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