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Preference that the child gives some lesson or toy, quite accurately reflects the peculiarities of his mental warehouse. Psychologists believe that this can make certain conclusions about the nature of the adult person. Remember how games, toys and activities you child more attention.

Favorite toys

Plasticine. You adore improvements, trying to put my fantasies into reality. Sometimes it is so unusual that it is difficult to distinguish between fiction and reality. Unfortunately, not all of your loved ones are understanding of this and hope that you will change, and you don't want to change, but do not spare efforts to change the world around them.

The designers. If, to the delight of parents, you used to sit, collecting them, then you are perseverance, and sometimes stubborn. Having decided something, you will not deviate from the chosen path. You're a little suspicious, try to check myself. Don't like surprises, and prefer the usual course of events. Although all new attracts you, you're not in a hurry to plunge into it headlong and myself do not really aspire to change.

Books. You are incorrigible dreamer. I love to "travel"without leaving home. Having an inquisitive mind, able to dig down to the bottom, but sometimes run everyday things.

Paint. You are extremely sensitive, able to detect subtle relationships. If you have failed to realize their creative abilities, you may develop depression or aggression. If you are in the main took place, you will discover the world in all its manifestations and rejoice in the fullness of life. Your friends can envy: you're thin, the natural man, which is always warm.

The railroad. You love to travel, stopping where you like, make new friends, to live comfortably. But you aren't likely long be delayed, and therefore your life - a series of meetings and partings.

Plush animals. You love new sensations and experiences. Intellectual abstraction is not your Forte. You need to experience, to feel. Craving for games and amusements laid in you by nature. It is important to steer her in the right direction, or emotions can get the better. But without fresh impressions you grustnei and turn into a whiner. Not having positive emotions, it can provoke someone on the negative.

The doll. You are incredibly interesting to meet new people, to know them better, but you're tied with them short-term relationships. You like collecting people tend infinitely expand your social circle. It is possible that the fate of you is to study human nature.

Toy soldiers. You loved to plan tactical objectives, to plan maneuvers. It is likely that later you became interested in chess, computer games. You will first think and plan before you realize their intentions. Love competitive games and their winning them. Easily learn new information. But successful only when their intellectual ideas translate into reality.

Your camera. If from a young age he was your favorite, you belong to that type of people who all kept in memory. Enough for you the slightest reason to resurrect the past. Usually you can be difficult to Express his state of mind. You are dependent on the estimates of others, but too proud to admit it.

The ball. You're a man of action, not prone to long and painful reflection. If you have something in mind, we aim to act quickly and decisively, and not just to watch the events, and to participate in them. Being an avid fan of competitions for you is more important than participation itself, not the result. You lowly in everyday life, the lack of comfort is not depressing you.

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