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Nature has generously endowed woman: slim figure, beautiful face, graceful waist. But nothing decorates it as clean and silky hair. How to achieve this? It is necessary to properly handle hair during washing. It seems that everything just lathered his head, washed and all. But again hair has split ends and do not Shine. So, whether you wash your hair?

1. Before shampooing, you use:
a) soft massage brush;
b) flat comb.

2. You wash your hair:
a) cold water;
b) warm water;
in hot water.

3. You love:
a) a strong enough pressure as quickly rinsed off the soap foam;
b) a gentle stream of water to rinse the hair.

4. Water that flows from you from crane:
a) you can wash without detergent;
b) the dishes can be washed only with the use of detergents.

5. First you wash:
a) a head;
b) the whole body, and then the head.

6. Soaping shampoo, you're fetching it:
a) the whole mass of hair;
b) in small portions to the hair roots.

7. Dealing shampoo, churn it:
a) only on the roots of the hair;
b) on all of the hair.

8. Wash the foam, you check the quality of the wash:
a) on the scalp;
b) only on the roots of the hair;
in) there.

9. My head, RUB her:
a) twice;
b) once.

10. Wash shampoo, pixelwise hair:
a) an elastic band;
b) a plastic barrette;
C) a metal clip.

11. In the washing process you comb your hair, when:
a) soap;
b) fetching balm;
C) get out of the tub.

12. Wiping the hair, you:
a) get wet with a towel;
b) intensely RUB;
in) wring out, get wet and wrap your head with a towel.

13. You dry the hair:
a) Long and carefully, taking good note of the comb section by section;
b) to slightly moist condition;
C) until dry.

Correct answers to the questions will help you properly care for your hair.

1, 3, 4, 7 - A.
2, 8, 12 - C.
5, 6, 9, 11, 13 - 6.

10 - question-blend. Washing the head, the hair should be wiped and dried and then stabbed to death.

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