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Music A. Rybnikov
Staging L. Zakashansky on the fairy tale
A. N. Thick film and television
Poems by B. Okudzhava, and J. Entin

Actors and performers:

Moderator - S. Zeitz
Pinocchio - I. Potocka
Karabas - A. Papanov
Alice Fox - N. Saipina
Cat Basilio - R. Bull
Malvina, Kanaeva
Turtle Cake - Rina Green
The Maniacal - Century Bass
Pierrot - So Osmolovsky
Spider - D. Bardin

Director N. Subbotin
Vocal ensemble
The orchestra Goskino p/u, Garanian
Sound Engineer N. Danilin
Editor I. Yakushenko
Artist A. Koshkin

Record 1978

Playing time - 39:47

Album cover

Who is a good tale enters the house,
Who from childhood everyone is familiar with,
Who is not a scientist, not a poet,
And conquered all of white light,
Someone everywhere learn?
Tell me, what's his name?...

- sung in the song. And if we say that we are not talking about a simple man, but of wood, and that he must find the Golden key to make happy his faithful friends, then everyone will call his name!
"When I was little, very, very long time, - has told a wonderful writer Alexei Tolstoy, - I read one book: it was called "Pinocchio, or the adventures of the wooden dolls (wooden doll in Italian, Pinocchio). I often told my friends, girls and boys, entertaining adventures of Pinocchio. But as the book got lost, I was told differently each time, have invented such adventures, which the book didn't have.
Now, many years later, I remembered my old friend Pinocchio and have decided to tell you, boys and girls, the extraordinary story of this wooden man".

And Alexei Tolstoy wrote a wonderful children's tale "the Golden key, or the adventures of Buratino". A book written long ago, but now, in our days, you can meet with the enemy, and not just flipping through its pages. About the adventures of a fun wooden boys tell children's and puppet plays, operas and ballets. Radio for many years sounds dramatization of this tale, where all the roles, from first to last, the voice of the artist, the name of which are familiar to all - Nikolai V. Litvinov. Based on the tale "the Golden key" was also a film and television production. Here's something about him, about the TV movie, and go there.
"The tale of the wooden man Pinocchio and his incredible adventures, faithful friends and despicable enemies", is an adaptation of the books on TV. Artist Rolan Bykov loves to make films for children and play. Starred in TV the tale of Pinocchio, where he had to play the role of the treacherous cat Basilio. That's what tells Rolan Bykov:
"The adventures of Pinocchio" - film music: a lot of music, dances and songs. You can love some song, and then sing as you want. And then you will help the record.
And she will help you to meet again with the heroes of this tale. Old Papa Carlo, with a terrible Karabas-Barabas, with the girl Malvinas, who had blue hair and was loved by all, and especially faithful poodle Artemon and poor little poet Piero. Will meet you and vile deceivers Alice Fox and the cat Basilio. Themselves Gannet, braggarts and fools, they all believed justlive, more foolish and Gedney itself. On the banks of the old pond will notice you and maniacal, seller leeches. He while similar to the Viper, toad, cockroach and leaky garbage can. And he is uneducated and stupid, presumptuous and a coward. But not only is he not ashamed that he is, and Vice versa, all proud and sometimes even brags. And who knows what would have ended the adventures of Pinocchio, if not met it with a wise, good turtle-Cake, which three hundred years lived in the pond and knew about everything. She told Pinocchio great mystery of the Golden key".

And mischievous, funny Pinocchio, and good Papa Carlo, and beautiful Malvina, and sad dreamer Piero, and sly Fox Alice and stupid thief cat Basilio, and long-bearded Karabas-Barabas, they will speak with you, is just to put a plate and turn the system on. This is also the tale! Here's a look at the disk began to spin. Voices cheerful wooden man came to visit you. Hear:

It is surrounded by human rumour
He's not a toy, it's alive!
In his hands with happiness key
And because he's so lucky.
All songs sing about it!
Tell me, what's his name?...


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