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Musical and literary composition N. Sats
on the fairy tale by A. Tolstoy

The music of L. Polovinkin (1894-1949)

Pinocchio - K. Koreneva-Tenina
Papa Carlo - N. Svobodin
Karabas-Barabas - That Is, Perov
The Maniacal - I. Bader
Poodle Artemon Y. Khrzhanovsky
Pierrot - T. Cousin
Malvina - N. Gavrilova
Cricket, Cat Basilio Y. Karpov
Rat The Bandits, Turtle Cake - Century Garbuzova

1st moderator - N. Sats
2nd leading - Coscolla
Piano - Crocenzi
The orchestra Guild

Recorded in 1962

Playing time - 48:37

Album cover Album cover

Good-natured Papa Carlo put a log on the table, in anticipation of interesting works rubbed his hand and took up the hammer with the plane. Falling chips, knocking the hammer, and the log transformed... in gay naughty Pinocchio. So begins an entertaining story about the adventures of the wooden man.
A wonderful fairy tale "the Golden key or the adventures of Buratino" wrote a famous Russian writer Alexei Tolstoy.
In childhood Tolstoy became acquainted with the tale of Italian writer K. Collodi about the adventures of the animated wooden dolls Pinocchio. But Tolstoy in his own way he wrote full of interesting events children's story, leaving her in a very little from the original.
Fun wooden man with a long nose takes us into the world of touching and instructive adventure for happiness - gold key.
Cheerful, clever, mischievous and courageous boy Pinocchio, always stands for justice, ready to fight for the downtrodden and weak. He is a worthy leader of the little puppet people fighting against the evil own Karabas Barabas, and after many dangerous adventures achieves happiness.
"The Golden key" - a piece of bright optimism, cheerfulness and humor became one of the favorite in the Soviet children.
In 1936, A. N. Tolstoy began to create plays in the story of "the Golden key". And cheerful cheerful Pinocchio moved from tales in performance. "The Golden key" became the hero of the first performances of newly discovered by the decision of the party and government in 1936, the Central children's theater.
Music for the play was written by the composer L. A. Polovinkin, Directors were N. Sats Century and Queens, the role of Pinocchio played Claudius Koreneva.
The record, produced in 1962, reproduces the performance of children's theatre. In the role of Pinocchio written first performer - K. Koreneva, Director and author of a literary-musical composition - N. Sats, sound research Veprintsev. The performance is accompanied by music L. Polovinkina, full of fairytale charm, mystery, sincere joy. In the final, triumphant theme of happiness and goodness.

L. Hamatova


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