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Alexander Volkov


Literary-musical composition
on the fairy tale F. Baum and books A. Volkov

Music, Gladkova

Lyrics So Makarova
Directed By E. Friedman

Actors and performers:
Ellie - That Is, Sinelnikova
Scarecrow - Century Doronin
Tin Man - A. Papanov
Cowardly Lion - R. Plyatt
Toto, Bastinda - I. Masing
Goodwin, Vitsin
Willian's Specific Case) Babanov
The leader of the apes, the Guardian - that is, Nachalo
Tiger - N. Alexahin
Mom - A. Kostyukov
Dad - E. Friedman

Duration: 72:17
"Melody", 1970

The cover of the record

"Very boring to live in the world without magic! - lamenting the little girl Ellie from the distant American city Kansas. Because magicians can perform all sorts of miracles: to hide, for example, children under the pillow of sweet cakes, to give the shoes..."
It turns out that miracles do not happen only in a fairy tale, but in life. One of these extraordinary stories happened with Ellie from Kansas. About this adventure and told Alexander Volkov in his book "the Wizard of oz, created by the fairy tale of the American writer Frank Baum.
A terrible hurricane swept Ellie and her little funny puppy in a country where good and evil wizards, where they can speak not only people but also animals.
Fabulous country. But this stranger. And the girl is ready to do everything to come back home. To help Ellie may only Great Goodwin. But first she must help in trouble of her three new friends, which will meet on the way to the emerald city.
With Ellie happen amazing stories, extraordinary meetings. Just three days ago made from canvas Scarecrow - funny Scarecrow, and although his head was stuffed with straw, he knows how important it is to be smart. And here at the Woodman has it all - iron will, iron tenacity and iron calm, but this is not enough to be happy. Because he does not have the common good at heart, and without a heart is very difficult to live in the world!
What did not happen in Dreamland. A fierce lion is a big coward. Be brave, courageous King of beasts - cherished his dream.
A very human and understandable for Ellie cherished desire of her new friends, but to fulfill them was not easy. Many difficulties and dangers lurk in the path. And how resourceful and quick-witted becomes difficult moments Scarecrow, kind and warm - the tin Woodman, the wonders of true shows courage the cowardly lion!
But the most amazing thing is that the fulfillment of our deepest desires helped not magic Goodwin, who was not a Great Magician, and the Great Deceiver (mind, sympathetic heart and courage you cannot get even a magician!) Be smart, kind, and brave, to make you believe in their strength can only loyal friends. And this is the main thing in the story. No wonder parting with Ellie, and the Scarecrow, and the tin Woodman, and the lion thanked her for what she taught them the most expensive thing in the world is FRIENDSHIP!
L. Prokhorov


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