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Dramatization E. Zhukovskaya and M. Astrachan
Music Z. Levin

Actors and performers:
PIF - Georgy Vitsin
Hercules - Boris Levinson
Uncle Caesar - Rostislav Plyatt
Aunt Agatha - Elena Pensava
Dudu - Marina Arkhipova
Rosalie - Veronica Vasiliev
The Medora - Yuri Khrzhanovsky

Director L. Valenica

Orchestra p/Boris Sherman

Album cover

PIF feels himself master of the whole house. And not only his, but also the house of uncle Caesar, who, if you look, he is the master of the UIF. Whole days worn our fun shaggy naughty in the yard, trying to find out what is going on in every chink of the big house. Everywhere hear his cheerful voice.
Are you not yet familiar with mutual Fund? Well, don't worry, we now correct. And familiarity with the favorite hero of the French guys you can be proud of. Because MIF brave and generous, smart and clever, he would not give offense to small and weak!
First PIF appeared on the pages of the newspaper of the French Communist l'humanite. Very soon "page of the UIF" became popular among kids and adults not only in France but also in many other countries.
This good-natured red dog recently was a puppy. Now he's a little older and helps other kids. MIF is able to laugh and talk, he deftly walks on its hind legs and even learned to read, in order not to yield to his faithful friend Dudu - son uncle Caesar. And sometimes a dog comes up with such clever things that Dudu only envy his mind.
However, although the mutual Fund and is trying to live with all in the world, he is an enemy. And what! Black from head to toe, with a long mustache, incredibly cunning and crafty. It is the green-eyed cat Hercules, pickles and a deceiver. Always and everywhere keep his eyes slits for the opponent. He is trying here and there to adjust some intrigue. But the PIF is not so easily fooled, he's not stupid!
The years continue the extraordinary adventures of the UIF on the pages of "l'humanite" and many colors, fun books in many languages. Today, the mutual Fund itself will speak with you guys. And what you will hear from him, for sure, not only will you laugh, but will be forced to decide what he is right and where wrong, what his actions are good and what is ridiculous. Think you and about yourself: do you do right when prokaznichaet and get hurt, not hurt if you somehow accidentally kids or animals who do not deserve?
But all this you peremislia after the ending of today's adventures of the UIF. And now you hear? They are just the beginning!
F. Marinina


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