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Joel Harris


Side 1 (playing Time 26:00)

From "Tales of uncle Remus"

Dramatization and lyrics VL. Glazer

Actors and performers:
Uncle Remus - N. Litvinov
Joel - M - Korabelnikova
My Friend Rabbit - I. Potocka
Brother Fox - A. Barantsev
Brother Wolf - A. Pirogov

Director L. Portnov

Side 2 (playing Time - 25:10)

From "Tales of uncle Remus"

Dramatization and lyrics VL. Glazer

Actors and performers:
Uncle Remus - N. Litvinov
Joel - N. Minaeva
My Friend Rabbit - I. Potocka
Brother Fox - A. Barantsev
Aunt meadows - 3. Naryshkin

Director L. Portnov

Album cover

"In the old-old days, when the animals lived as good neighbors, " you say, sometimes, the uncle of Remus, nobody could compete in tricks with Brother Rabbit.
And even the Old Fox?! - ask Joel.
And even the Old Fox, " say uncle Remus.
And Brother Wolf? And Brother Bear? - ask Gosl.
"Well I told you: no one. Means, and Brother Bear and Brother Wolf couldn't compete with him...
And Brother Fox and but caught not once Brother Rabbit?
- Now you're impatient, everyone wants to know! - will smile uncle Remus.- And you don't, I will tell all in due time... Look better than new tale...
So they sit in the evening in the hut of an old Negro and talking to my uncle Remus and a little boy named Joel. Uncle Remus tucked between his knees Shoe and still drives and retrieve the pin with the hairpin Yes popahivaet tube, slowly tells his tale. And Gosl climbed on a chair, sitting is not breathing, afraid to miss a word.
Oh and a lot of fairy tales knows uncle Remus! And the most interesting - about Brother Rabbit.
So and so, and that was Lucilla to catch his Old Fox - and all to no avail! Brother Rabbit will certainly get away but still leave the Old Fox in the cold.
They will meet somewhere on the other day, and brother Rabbit sarcastically ask:
"What you got yesterday, Brother Fox?
And Fox will remember what got trouble because of Brother Rabbit, and will respond with sadness:
- A little crazy got, Brother Rabbit!
Then Brother Rabbit will laugh and say:
- If I had known that you're behind this went, I would have gave you my little...
So I live two neighbor - Brother Fox and Brother Rabbit. Calm down another day, and there again: the Old Fox will start to catch Brother Rabbit and Brother Rabbit to get away from him. Until they do not get tired every day to chase one another? No, not at all! "Brother Rabbit and Brother Fox - they were very similar to some of the guys, my friends," said uncle Remus and somehow slyly looked at Joel.
Brother Rabbit was a great master in all sorts of antics! Of Joel eyes stick together, already the mother of ten times called him home to sleep, but he does not want to leave uncle of rimosa. What is there in the story will be next? what's next? "I wonder if the Old Fox to finally catch Brother Rabbit?
You should already be worried that the boy from "the Tales of uncle Remus" name is the same as the writer, Joel. This is because, when Joel Chandler Harris was as small as his hero Joel, he loved to hear stories of the old Negro, and the boy in the fairy Tales called his name. Many tales Joel Harris remembered from childhood, while others wrote, when he was already an adult.
Childhood Harris passed to the South of the United States of America, in the state of Georgia, where on plantations worked by Negroes. Harris lived with them side by side, listened to, as they say, very well-learned features of their speech. That's why he could well remember and write down the tale of the American Negroes.
The first of the tales of uncle Remus appeared in print on July 20, 1879, and soon the uncle of Remus knew and loved children across America and then around the world. Until the end of life Harris were all new tales that are told uncle Remus. Tales were very cheerful, funny, and children are never bored to hear about resilient and resourceful Brother Rabbit and his pals. Joel Chandler Harris (1848-1908) wrote many books, including for adults, but people remember and re-read one of his book: the famous "Tales of uncle Remus".
Rather, put a plate, and you'll hear a few mock tales of Joel Harris. You are waiting uncle Remus, boy Joel, Brother Rabbit and others.
Vladimir Glazer



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