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English folk tale as recounted by S. Mikhalkov

Lived in the light of the three little pigs. Three brothers. All the same height, round, pink, with the same cheerful tails.

Even the names of them were similar. Called pigs: NIF-NIF, Nuf-Nuf and NAF-NAF. All summer they were playing in the green grass, basking in the sun, luxuriated in the puddles.

But then came the autumn.

The sun was not so hot, gray clouds stretched over the yellow forest.

- It is time for us to think about winter, " said somehow NAF-NAF his brothers, waking up early in the morning. - I tremble with cold. We can catch a cold. Let's build a house and will spend the winter together under one warm roof.

But his brothers did not want to take up work. Much nicer in the last warm days to walk and jump across the meadow, than to dig and carry heavy stones.

- Plenty of time! It is not yet winter. We'll walk, " said NIF-NIF and somersault over his head.

When need be, I will build me a house, " said Nuf-Nuf and fell in a puddle.

"Me too, " added NIF-NIF.

"Well, as you wish. Then I'll be the one to build a house, " said NAF-NAF. "I don't want you to wait.

Every day was becoming colder and colder.

But NIF-NIF and Nuf-Nuf was in no hurry. Them and think not like about the work. They work from morning till evening. They only did that played in their pig games, jumped and tumbled.

Today we'll walk, " they said, " and tomorrow morning we will take the case.

But the next day they said the same thing.

And only when a large puddle on the road began in the morning to be covered by a thin crust of ice, lazy brothers did finally work.

NIF-NIF decided that it is easier and more likely to make a house out of straw. With no one talking, and he did so. By the evening his hut was ready.

NIF-NIF put on the roof last straw and very happy with my house, the fun began to sing:

- At least half of the world will pass,
Pass over, pass over,
Better not find
You will not find, can not find!

Singing this song, he went to Nuf-Nuf.

Nuf-Nuf not far too built myself a house.

He tried to quickly put an end to this boring and uninteresting affair.

First, as a brother, he wanted to build a house of straw. But then I decided that in this house in the winter will be very cold. The house will be stronger and warmer, if it is built from twigs and thin rods.

And so he did.

He drove into the ground stakes, twisted their rods on the roof has fallen dry leaves, and in the evening the house was ready.

Nuf-Nuf proudly walked around it a few times around and began to sing:

- I have a good house,
New house, strong house,
I am not afraid of rain and thunder,
Rain and thunder rain and thunder!

Before he could finish the song, because Bush ran NIF-NIF.

"Well, here is your house ready! said NIF-NIF brother. - I said that we alone can cope with this! Now we are free and we can do whatever we want!

- Let's go to the NAF-NAF and see what he himself had built the house! said Nuf-Nuf. Something we have not seen!

"Let's look! agreed NIF-NIF.

And the two brothers, very pleased that they are nothing more than don't care, disappeared behind the bushes.

NAF-NAF for the past few days have been busy building. He brought stones, nimesil clay and now slowly built myself reliable, sturdy house where we could shelter from the wind, rain and frost.

He has done the house a heavy oak door with a bolt to the wolf from the neighboring forests were not able for him to climb.

NIF-NIF and Nuf-Nuf caught brother at work.

"What are you making? one voice cried out surprised NIF-NIF and Nuf-Nuf. "What is this, a house for a pig or a fortress?

- The house of the pig should be a fortress! calmly answered them NAF-NAF, while continuing to work.

- Are you going with anyone to fight? - have fun prodromal NIF-NIF and winked Nuf-Nuf.

And both brothers are so gay that their shrieking and grunting spread far across the lawn.

And NAF-NAF as if nothing had happened continued to put the stone wall of his house, purring to herself a song:

I, of course, all smarter,
All smarter, smarter than all!
The house I am building stones,
From stones, rocks!
No light on the beast,
A cunning beast, a beast
Will not burst in the door,
In this door, this door!

Is he a beast? asked NIF-NIF in Nuf-Nuf.

You are about and what animal? asked Nuf-Nuf at the NAF-NAF.

- It's about the wolf! replied NAF-NAF and put another stone.

"See how he's afraid of the wolf! said NIF-NIF.

He is afraid that he will eat! - added Nuf-Nuf.

And the brothers even more gay.

What there may be wolves? said NIF-NIF.

No wolves, no! He's just a coward! - added Nuf-Nuf.

And they both began to priplyasyvaet and sing:

"We are not afraid of the gray wolf,
Grey wolf, grey wolf!
Where you go, stupid wolf,
The old wolf, scary wolf?

They wanted to tease the NAF-NAF, but he didn't even turn.

"Come on, Nuf-Nuf - said the NIF-NIF. - We here have nothing to do!

And two brave brother went for a walk.

Along the way they sang and danced, and when he came into the forest, it was so much noise that it woke the wolf, who was sleeping under a pine tree.

- What noise? displeased growled angry and hungry wolf and rode to the place where he heard the squealing and grunting of two small, stupid pigs.

- Well, how can there be wolves! I was told at this time, the NIF-NIF, which the wolves had seen only in pictures.

- Here we grab the nose will know! - added Nuf-Nuf, who also had never seen a live wolf.

- Poalim, link, foot, like that, like that! - boasting NIF-NIF and showed how they will deal with the wolf.

And the brothers chuckled again and began to sing:

"We are not afraid of the gray wolf,
Grey wolf, grey wolf!
Where you go, stupid wolf,
The old wolf, scary wolf?

And suddenly they saw a real live wolf!

He stood behind a large tree, and he had such a terrible view of such evil eye and this toothy jaws that NIF-NIF and Nuf-Nuf on the backs ran cold and thin tails finely trembled.

Poor piglets were not even able to move from fear.

The wolf got ready to jump, clicked his teeth, blinked his right eye, but the pigs suddenly came to his senses and screaming the whole forest, took to their heels.

Never had them to run fast!

Sparkling heels and raising clouds of dust, the pigs went each to his home.

NIF-NIF first reached their straw huts and barely had time to slam the door in the face of a wolf.

Now unlock the door. - growled the wolf. "I will break them down!

"No, " he prodromal NIF-NIF - I will not unlock!

Behind the door he could hear the breath of the terrible beast.

Now unlock the door. he growled again, wolf. - I duno that your whole house will be smashed!

But NIF-NIF fear nothing could respond.

Then the wolf began to blow: "f-f-f-OO-OO-OO!"

From the roof flew straws, the walls of the house shook.

The wolf once again took a deep breath and blew a second time: "f-f-f-OO-OO-OO!"

When the wolf blew for the third time, the house was scattered in all directions, as if he had flown the hurricane.

The wolf snapped her teeth before the Piglet a little pig. But NIF-NIF deftly dodged and ran. A minute later he was already at the door Nuf-Nuf.

Scarcely had brothers locked as he heard the voice of the wolf:

"Well, now I'll eat both of you!

NIF-NIF and Nuf-Nuf nervously looked at each other. But the wolf was very tired and decided to go to the trick.

- I've changed my mind! "he said so loudly that it was heard in the house. "I will not eat these scrawny little piglets! I better go home!

"Did you hear? asked NIF-NIF in Nuf-Nuf. He said that will not be there for us! We anemic!

- It's very good! said Nuf-Nuf and immediately ceased to tremble.

Brothers was fun, and they sang as if nothing had happened:

"We are not afraid of the gray wolf,
Grey wolf, grey wolf!
Where you go, stupid wolf,
The old wolf, scary wolf?

And the wolf was not going to go anywhere. He just stepped aside and crouched. He was very funny. He could hardly contain myself not to burst out laughing. How cleverly he had cheated two stupid little piglets!

When the piglets was allayed, the wolf took the sheepskin and carefully crept up to the house.

At the door he was covered with skin and gently knocked.

NIF-NIF and Nuf-Nuf got really scared when he heard a knock.

"Who's there? they asked, and they again shook tails.

"I-I-I - poor little lamb! - thin, strange voice squeaked wolf. 'Let me sleep, I have strayed and very tired!

- Let? asked brother good NIF-NIF.

The sheep can be allowed! agreed Nuf-Nuf. - Sheep, not a wolf!

But when the pigs opened the door, they saw not the sheep, but all the same toothy wolf. Brothers slammed the door and struggled leaned on her, that terrible beast couldn't get them burst.

The wolf was very angry. He failed to outwit pigs! He threw off sheepskin and growled:

"Well, wait! From this house now nothing will remain!

And he began to blow. The house was a little lop-sided. The wolf blew the second, then third, then fourth time.

From the roof flew off the sheets, the walls were shaking, but the house was still standing.

And, only when the wolf blew the fifth time, the house swayed and collapsed.

Only one door while still standing among the ruins.

In horror rushed pigs to escape. From the fear they were paralyzed legs, each bristle was shaking, nose dry. The brothers raced to the house NAF-NAF.

The wolf was catching them by leaps and bounds. Once he nearly grabbed NIF-NIF for the rear foot, but that time withdrew it and added the go.

Wolf also made a sweeping. He was sure that this time the piglets from him will not escape.

But he again had no luck.

The pigs quickly sped past the big Apple, even without touching it. And the wolf had no time to turn and bumped into Apple, which showered him with apples. One solid Apple hit him between the eyes. Big guy jumped the wolf on his forehead.

And NIF-NIF and Nuf-Nuf neither alive nor dead ran at this time to house the NAF-NAF.

Brother quickly let them in the house. Poor pigs were so frightened that he could not say. They silently ran under the bed and there lurked. NAF-NAF immediately guessed what was chasing them wolf. But he had nothing to fear in his stone house. He quickly closed the door, he sat on the stool and sang:

No light on the beast,
A cunning beast, a beast
Do not open this door,
This door, this door!

But here again knocked on the door.

"Who knocks? - calm voice asked NAF-NAF.

"Open up without conversations! "came the rough voice of a wolf.

- No way! And not think! - solid voice replied, NAF-NAF.

"Ah so! Well, hold on! Now I eat all three!

- Try! - replied from behind the door NAF-NAF, even without leaving his own tabletochki.

He knew that him and his brothers have nothing to fear in a sturdy stone house.

The wolf drew in breath and blew as hard as he could!

But as it blew, none of even the smallest stone doesn't budge.

The wolf turned blue from the effort.

The house stood as a fortress. The wolf then began to shake the door. But the door did not yield.

The wolf was angry scratching claws the walls of the house and chew on the stones of which they were composed, but he only hurt himself claws and messed up teeth.

Hungry and angry wolf was nothing left to do but to run away.

But then he looked up and suddenly noticed a large, wide chimney on the roof.

"Yeah! Now through this tube and I will sneak into the house! "said the wolf.

He carefully climbed onto the roof and listened. The house was quiet.

"I'm still going to eat today fresh parosetine!" thought the wolf and obliznuvshis, climbed into the pipe.

But as soon as he began to descend through the pipe, piglets heard. And when the lid of the boiler began to pour soot, smart NAF-NAF immediately guessed what was the matter. He quickly rushed to the pot on the fire, boil water, and tore off his cap.

- You are welcome! said NAF-NAF and winked at his brothers.

NIF-NIF and Nuf-Nuf quite calmed down and, smiling happily, looking down at her smart and brave brother.

Pigs do not have to wait long. Black as a chimney sweep, a wolf multihole straight into boiling water.

Never has he not been so painful!

His eyes climbed on his forehead, all the hair stood on end.

With a wild roar scalded wolf down the tube back on the roof, rolled down it to the ground, somersault four times over the head, drove his tail past the locked door and rushed into the forest.

And three brothers, three little pigs, looked after him and was glad that they so deftly PROCHILE evil robber.

And then they began to sing their merry song:

- At least half of the world will pass,
Pass over, pass over,
Better not find
You will not find, can not find!

No light on the beast,
A cunning beast, a beast
Do not open this door,
This door, this door!

The wolf of the forest, never,
Never, never
Will not return to us here
To us here, to us here!

Since then, the brothers began to live together under one roof.

And that's all we know about the three little pigs - NIF-NIF, Nuf-Nuf and NAF-NAF.

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