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The Tale L. Vasilyeva
Music N. Peskov

Actors and performers:
From the author - N. Litvinov
Strawstack Rocky Yu Juliska
Ostrich Dad - L. Pirogov
Snake - A. Shchukin
Parrot - F. Tobias
Monkey - Z Bokarev

Orchestra p/b Karamysheva.

Director - N. Litvinov

“Melody”, the record 1968

Album cover

Today you will hear the story of Straseni rocky, the story of the small, but very instructive.
Strawstack rocky from Africa. In Africa, even in the winter when we have snow, hot: bakes bright African sun, the meadows (in Africa they are called savannas) bloom fragrant flowers and trees, entwined with vines, singing the most vociferous birds in the world... Africa will never be confused with any other nation, that she is hot and beautiful. It is not surprising that strawstack rocky, barely hatched from eggs, immediately recognized Africa.
"Well, of course, this is Africa! - looking around, he exclaimed. Amazing how bright this strawstack rocky. For example, your name he learned while still in the egg. All we know a little rocky, knows only one thing: "What should strawstack, when he has just hatched from eggs?"
This question is not so simple. Not wanting to disturb the sleeping dad-ostrich, a small rocky one went to Africa to find someone who could answer this question... rocky was polite and respectful trustcom, therefore, all animals were greeted him kindly and benevolently: and poisonous snake, fan to eat for Breakfast the bird, and the wise ass is stupid, and funny monkey, all tried to help rocky, but never could. They could not know, that should make strawstack, when he has just hatched from the egg. And only one big daddy long legs-the ostrich, which everyone knew, answered this question.
The main thing for a little Straseni, " he said rocky, to live in peace and friendship and to try to find more real friends.
In a musical fairy tale, which now sounds, a lot of good songs, good smiles, sparkling fun. I want to believe that little strawstack rocky will appeal to all and will be other guys.
B. Zabolotskikh



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