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The Tale Century Odoevsky

Actors and performers:
Boy-bell - z Bokarev
Boy - Century Speranta
Father A. Kubatsky
The flywheel - L. Pirogov
The text reads N. Litvinov
Director - R. Joffe

“Melody”, the record 1969

Album cover

You will hear one of the tales his grandfather Irenaeus.
Probably few of you know the name of the grandfather of Irenaeus, but he's a wonderful storyteller.
If you ever get a chance to meet the grandfather of Irenaeus, do not miss the moment and ask him to tell the tale. Do not be afraid, feel free to come to him, because Irenaeus the Modestovich of Hamasaka only, strict and unapproachable, but in fact he is the kindest and nicest person in the world. Anyone else and he had never refused a request to tell the tale. He immediately sat down not near the bench, and maybe even on the go if in a hurry on the service will tell you some interesting stories about Africa, and India. Rather, all grandpa Irenaeus will tell you the tale of "the Town of snuff".
The hero of this tale - the little boy Misha. This is the most common boy, and as all ordinary boys, Misha loves toys. Especially he likes clockwork toys, which, if they are to make, start to spin any wheels, rollers. And then, what is quite surprising, toy, like a living, begins to move. How many times Mike tried to penetrate the mystery of clockwork toys, and always failed. Each time, after the toy has been in mesenich hands, she flatly refused to go, tumbling or squeak.
It is unknown how many more toys spoiled Misha, if one day the house is not a wonderful snuff. Oh, it was amazing snuffbox!
On its cover was painted fairytale town, over which the back and forth went the sun, its rays illuminating the silver trees with Golden leaves. And all the while the sun was moving inside the box sounded sweet music: Ding-Ding, Ding-Ding - wyevale invisible bells. Yes, it was a great snuff-box. Enchanted Misha could not take his eyes off her.
- Daddy, finally could not stand it, and why did jingle bells?
- Try it yourself to guess, " said Misha father and left him alone with snuff.
"But don't touch the spring " he said, leaving. Stared Misha, as the hammers hit the bells, as the spring pushes to the side of the platen and suddenly, unexpectedly for himself, touched by the finger springs. And there happened to strike - spring broke, and the music stopped.
- Oh - frightened cried Misha and... woke up. Fortunately, he touched the springs during sleep, and prosaude this is actually a wonderful snuff would be spoiled. And never would have over the houses of the town Tinker bell didn't like the sun and never sounded more cheerful song of the bells. As well, it was just a dream.
Another joy has brought this dream. Because thanks to him, Misha met wonderful Boys-bells, saw "good-natured" Overseer-cushion and Princess spring, which helped him to know why they sing the bells. It turns out, in fact... But more about that let you tell the very tale of the grandfather of Irenaeus "the Town of snuff"
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you one secret. Irenaeus of Modestovich Hamasaki never was. As the same was not, " you answer, " when libraries are collections of his stories, where black and white "Tales and stories of the grandfather of Irenaeus". The secret is that on behalf of his grandfather Irenaeus spoke with their tales writer Vladimir F. Odoevsky (1803-1869,)






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