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Text Of David Samoilov
The Music Of Boris Tchaikovsky

Actors and performers:
Baby Elephant - B. Tolmasov
The Young Camel, Vitsin
Cat - N. Litvinov
Crow - I. Potocka
The Worm - Ivanov,
Bear - A. Yuryev
Leading - I. Potocka

Director A. Ilyin
orchestra p/L. Pyatigorsk

Record 1968

Album cover
Admit it, unless you had ever seen travelling animals? "Of course! - I will answer you - Our cat goes every year with us at the cottage. And yet, when animals are transported from distant tropical countries to us in the zoo, after all, monkeys, and tigers, and kangaroos can also be considered by travelers!..." Yes, but it is unlikely your cat, and these animals on ships or planes to choose themselves a route, preparing for the long journey or sing tourist songs.
And two small animals from poetic tales of David Samoilov did just exactly that. However, elephants and camels, it is difficult to say: "small!". But we are now going to hear about the elephant and the young camel, and they're still kids. And, like all kids, they are able to be afraid of the rain or the dark forest, even to cry from fear... But in fact they are funny and brave animals, very kind and trusting, like all children.
And here gathered elephant with young camel in dalneyu the road.
Come and sing on the road. And all the birds in the trees, fish in the rivers, the flowers in the fields and even Fox burrows hear that he went off-road "package tour tourists". And all of them as much as I want to help our animals to find, finally, the one they're looking for, who are going to visit. And where did they go? No, we won't say I know!
Lots of adventure, danger, fun and funny meetings and these discoveries will happen in this wonderful musical tale about the elephant tourist and his buddy young camel. They go through the woods, along the river, and nature tells them. Even the animals will tell you a lot about yourself and learn a lot in the "world tour".
And lead you in this fun journey ulicetea, with good wily poems of David Samoilov, funny, sometimes mischievous music of Boris Tchaikovsky, voices such wonderful, beloved by artists like B. Tolmasov, N. Litvinov, G. Vitsin.
F. Marinina



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