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Music dictionary in the stories. The Letter G


Now the guitar is one of the most common tools. Any vocal-instrumental ensemble begins with a guitar. Tourists going on a hike, don't forget to grab the guitar: it is so well sung in the evening around the campfire! The guitar sounds at home and on stage, in the forest and in the concert hall. From other countries come to us guitar players to show their skills, to introduce the native melodies.

The birthplace of the guitar is unknown. Assume that it originated in Ancient Greece, but has found a second home in Spain, where already in the VIII - IX centuries have the widest distribution. And after a few centuries, the guitar is an integral part of the life of the Spaniards. Without it you simply cannot imagine the Spanish life. Remember Pushkin's poem?

I'm here, inesilda,
I'm here under the window.
Embraced Seville
And darkness and sleep.

Filled with courage,
Shrouded in a cloak,
With guitar and sword
I'm here under the window.
Restrictiona guitar

And so it was with a guitar and a sword! Because Serenade, sung by cavalier at the balcony ladies of the heart, often ended in a duel with an opponent or an angry husband beauties.

From Spain guitar has spread throughout Europe. Loved it in Italy and Germany, France and Russia... Then she crossed the ocean and settled in the United States.

The guitar is a stringed instrument. It is shaped like a string bow, but differs from them by the number of strings and the way of playing. Guitar comes in six - and seven-string. Seven-string guitar that is most convenient for vocal accompaniment, is most widespread in Russia. In Spain was extended six-stringed guitar. She became a solo instrument.

Many major composers perfectly mastered the guitar and enjoyed writing for it.

Another variety of this instrument - the ukulele. It has six strings, which are stretched skin. Play on a special plate mediator. Unlike the sonorous timbre of other guitars, Hawaiian soft, stretchy, slightly nasal sound.

Guitar history knows many large virtuosos: Spanish Aguada, Tarrega, Italian Giuliani, Russian Sokolov, Makarova, Ivanov-Kramskoy. Loved the guitar genius of the Italian violinist Paganini. He beautifully played it, wrote works for guitar and for guitar with violin, gladly performed in concerts as a guitarist.

Niccolo Paganini. Sonata No. 10 for violin and guitar in a minor,
Op. 3 No. 4. I. Andante
Ispolnjajut L. Kogan (violin), A. Ivanov-Kramskoy (guitar)

Well played guitar great Spanish poet, singer free Spain Federico garcía Lorca. Among his friends were outstanding guitarist Andres Segovia, angel Barrons, Regino Sainz de La Masa. Many wonderful lines dedicated garcía Lorca music, guitar.

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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