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Music dictionary in the stories. The Letter G


In sizes slim flocked
My obedient words
And sonorous rhyme was closed.
In harmony rival my
Was the noise of the forest, or a violent whirlwind,
Ile Orioles tune live,
Ile night sea hum deaf,
Ile the murmur of the river flowing quietly.

This, of course, Pushkin. "The conversation of the bookseller with the poet", which is borrowed these lines, was first published as the Preface to the first Chapter of "Eugene Onegin". And that's the beginning of Pushkin as the poem "Beauty":

All the harmony, all the wonder,
All above the world and passions...

And another excerpt - words Salieri from the little tragedies "Mozart and Salieri":

...The sounds of death,
Music I raz " âl like a corpse.
I algebra harmony...

Why here are so many different poems? What they have in common? Only one word - harmony.

Of course, used it in different values. So what does it mean? The Greek word harmonia translated as harmony, harmony, harmony. It is in the sense of harmony, symmetry, and hence shop has used this word Pushkin in his poem "Beauty". In the first quoted passage the meaning of the words otherwise: under the harmony refers to poetry as an art in slim, measured forms to Express possession of the poet's thoughts and feelings. Close to this value, which invests in the word harmony Salieri in a small Pushkin's tragedy. No wonder then Mozart makes a toast:

...for the sincere Union,
Binder Mozart and Salieri,
Two sons of harmony.

Only here the question is not about poetry, but about the music. But remember, as Salieri says: "I Believe algebra harmony...". This phrase is enclosed by the word algebra, another sense: scientific research approach to art. And then there is another meaning of harmony as a special term that defines one of the expressive means of music. This means based on the Association of sounds in harmony and sequence of harmonies.

Over time changed the nature and features of all musical means of expression, including harmony. Therefore, when you study say about the different styles - harmony classic and romantic, jazz harmony, etc.

By the way, the same word is defined and academic discipline that studies the laws of construction and the relationship of chords.

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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