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Have you ever heard a baby play I. S. Bach, which is called "Bagpipe"? Right hand it plays a simple melody, and the left repeats the same sounds. In this piece, the composer imitates the sound of folk instrument that is widespread in many countries of the world.

I.S. Bach. Bagpipe

The bagpipe is a wind instrument, very peculiar. Its distinctive detail of the fur, that is, the air reservoir of the skin or bladder.

In fur inserted several tubes. One of them with holes, like any wooden wind instrument. Her sing the melody. Another tube, small, serves to discharge air: the contractor blowing into it or adapt to it fleeces, similar to the forge, All other tubes can be from one to several - accompany the melody continuous sound, respectively, one, two or more sounds, not varying in height. Thus, the melody of bagpipes always sounds accompanied by a constant accompaniment.

The bagpipes play, usually outdoors, as the sound of her powerful and poignant. It is accompanied by folk dancing performances. In Scotland there are military bands of pipers. The musicians play in their national costumes short plaid skirt.

In different corners of the instrument, this is different. It has long been known in Russia under the name of the pipe. Duda or goat it is called in Ukraine and Belarus. In Georgia it stviri, Armenia Parkany, in Estonia - torpille.


Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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